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Thursday, July 21, 2011

...And There Will Be Sets!! As Soon As Tomorrow Maybe??? Thank you Candice & Gwen!

A huge thanks to Candice for sending me the information about these sets! According to Candice, these sets were found on JewelMint's Facebook page a little while ago by Gwen G. (Hi Gwen! Thanks so much for the email you sent me earlier today, you're seriously the sweetest!).

Last weekend, I predicted the sets would either be released on Wednesday, July 20th (which didn't happen) or Friday (tomorrow) June 22nd at 6am. It's totally just a guestimation based off of past release dates, but we'll have to wait and see! If you're up and waiting to see if they become available tomorrow and it doesn't happen...I'll be right there with you guys in the same disappointed boat. :) Fingers are totally crossed!

Here are the details of three sets JewelMint leaked on their Shop App on Facebook:

Photo: Jewelmint

Floral Fiesta Collection - Get the party started with these fabric bangles! The trio’s mix of stripe and floral prints gives any look a playful touch. Match the set’s thread detailing with these fabulous cord necklaces. Fine chain and thread tassels hang from this vibrant duo, measuring 22 1/2” and 28 1/2”. Wear the entire collection or mix and match depending on your look.

Haute Elegance Trio - Get caught up in a modern fashion fairytale with this elegant set. Our 2 ¾” crystal-embellished earrings feature enchanting locket charms. A matching 7 ½” silver-plated bracelet is set with a glass stone and fastens with a spring ring clasp. For a haute look, add our 44" opera length pearl necklace featuring pave and two-toned pearl beads.

Modern Marvel Duo - Usher in an age of wonder with this Egyptian-inspired amulet. Designed for good fortune, our antique 14k gold plated ring features color enamel detailing and a scarab rests on the ring’s oval base. We give this ancient design a modern edge with this 26” safety pin necklace featuring a show stopping 5” brass charm.

xoxo, Lily

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