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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Limited Supply! 2 for 1 Mid-Summer Sets from Kate & Cher! Thanks Verna!!!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Had a late night (aka early morning) conversation with Verna last night after the Piet Earrings, Piet Necklace, and Manhattan Earrings mysteriously appeared and then disappeared on JewelMint's website. Some of you were able to pick up the pieces individually before they sold out again. Well, looks like JewelMint was just giving us a taste of what was to come later this morning.

In my conversation with Verna, I mentioned how I believed the sets may be coming in a few hours...I didn't want to post anything because I thought I would jinx it as I may have done in this post here! lol

I received two JewelMint Set emails this morning to two different email addresses: My newer email account received the email at 4:28am PST. My main email address received the message at at 10:09am PST. So apparently, they've been available since way early this morning!

Here are the links: 

So this begs the following question:

What happened to first sets that leaked? Was this a decoy, or a last minute switch up to throw us all off? Or, will these be coming someday too? Either way, it totally worked!!! You fooled us JewelMint! :)

xoxo, Lily

P.S. The only set that is currently "Almost Sold Out" is the Enchanted Nights Set! Snap up your sets while you can, last month's sets sold out in a matter of hours.

And, just for fun....

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  1. It's 12:40 PM pacific and i have not received the 'set' email! :( TG for this site and stalking facebook.


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