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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More JewelMint Sneak Peeks: Perfect Pendants!

Photo: Jewelmint

Oh how I love sneak peeks!! JewelMint did it again by posting more photos of upcoming pieces on their official blog (here). I was about to post a zoomed in view of the necklaces until I realized its inappropriateness lol. Oh well, you can always view the original size photo by clicking on it.

As for the necklaces...I spy an eye, a ladybug (I believe), a circular pendant, and something we can't see on the bottom there. The necklace on top is, of course, the Antoinette Necklace.

I think it's great that JewelMint seems to be going into a simple chain/pendant realm as layering such pieces is classic and timeless! I can't wait to see what August brings, especially since *most* brands start making their subtle transitions into fall around this upcoming month!

xoxo, Lily

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