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Friday, July 29, 2011

An Updated List of August Pieces! Thank You Alyssa & Sara!!

A super huge thanks to Alyssa and Sara for giving me an update of the lasted names of August items!

In this post here, we last had five names as well as some other links and sketches that are updated daily in the Sneak Peeks - Upcoming Pieces & Sketches link in the sidebar. Here's an updated list that has the JewelMint World buzzing....

Bella Flora Earrings
Deco Bolo Necklace
Here to Eternity Set
Lost Treasure Bracelet
Love That Binds Bracelet 
New Heights Bracelet
New Wave Ring
Sealed With Love Necklace
Tailor Made Earrings
World's End Earrings

I haven't posted photos, videos, or links to these items for a reason, but the extension to view any JewelMint piece is always: www.jewelmint.com/jewelry/enter-name-here - I'm pretty sure you can figure it out from here. ;)

xoxo, Lily

*Update 6:59pm* Found a few more posted by Gwen on JewelMint's Facebook Page which now brings the total to 13:

Bronze Zip Bracelet
Neo Bedrock Duo
Silver Zip Bracelet

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  1. I absolutely love coming to your blog and feeling the same excited feeling about the end of the month coming and the new collection coming out.


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