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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Kate Bosworth Joined Glamour Magazine on Facebook for a Chat!

The beautiful and always lovely, Kate Bosworth, made an appearance on Glamour Magazine's Facebook page earlier this morning (from 10-10:30am) to chat with fans! Kate was logged in as "JewelMint", and for half an hour she answered your questions!

Here's a rundown of Kate's commentary in case you missed it!

My favorite JewelMint pieces for August are the New Heights Bracelet, New Wave Ring, and the Sealed With Love Necklace. We have a great story about the Sealed With Love Necklace. Cher Coulter wrote three notes and tucked them into three of the Sealed With Love Necklace packages. If you receive a note, you'll get a style tip and a prize!"

"Lost Girls and Love Hotels" is a project close to my heart- check out the campaign I just shot for french designer Vanessa Bruno... the director Stephanie di Giusto shot the short film for us and will also be directing "lost girls." The campaign will be up shortly for fall: http://www.vanessabruno.co​m/

"The JewelMint July collection has been one of my favorite months for design. I especially love the Paradise Cove Necklace, Garden Patch Trio, For Keeps Bracelet, and the Supernova Earrings. You can really own a piece of summer's hottest trends when you wear these."

"Straw Dogs is coming out September 16th. It's a thriller- remake of the original Peckinpah film, also starring Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden."

"Some of the key pieces in my closet that I wear often are the Alexander Wang Marti Bag, the Isabel Marant Betty Wedge Trainers, the JewelMint Sienna Bracelet, and the JewelMint Sea Breeze Earrings."

"I just worked with the Polish brothers on Big Sur. They are brilliant! Check out their most recent film, For Lovers Only, available on iTunes. It's just beautiful."

"One of my favorite classic looks is a pencil skirt worn with a button up blouse. I love Equipment blouses. One of the chicest trends at the moment is to layer a short necklace just under the collar. My favorite JewelMint pieces to layer are the Casati Necklace. Also look out for a delicate, bohemian, short silver necklace coming out in September. Cher Coulter will upload a sneak peek of this silver necklace right now on her page."

"ps that last post is great for everyday, especially office chic."

"For a limited budget, Topshop is my favorite place to shop for updated trends. TopShop Link"

"For my beauty routine, I like using Epicuren's products for skincare. http://www.epicuren.com/"

"Thanks everyone for participating. I'm on set for StyleCaster, and have to get back to the shoot. You can visit my personal Facebook page for updates: Kate Bosworth. Have a wonderful summer, stay safe and be healthy!"

As for that September JewelMint Sneak Peek Cher Coulter uploaded on Facebook, here it is! Except, it looks gold to me? I'm assuming it could be the output from the photo program, Instagram, that Cher uses on a regular basis.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming September piece? Does it look gold to you too??

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