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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JewelMint Mail: Enviable Arm Candy + $7 OFF 2 of Our Favorite Bracelets! | Trend Report

Photo: Jewelmint

Here's a rundown of this morning's Trend Report we received from JewelMint!

  • Join in on the "arm parties" craze with JewelMint's New Heights Bracelet. "Mingling friendship bracelets, bungee cord bracelets, and a few mixed metal pieces make for a modern silhouette."
  • JewelMint suggests giving a "memorable keepsake" such as the Love That Binds Bracelet of the For Keeps Bracelet as a fabulous gift for that fabulous friend. 
  • For the next 24 hours get $7 off both bracelets using Promo Code: CNDY7 (Code is also confirmed working for other pieces as well).
  • JewelMint encourages us to check them out on Twitter and on Facebook and includes a few quotes from...Hey! Wait a minute...Kavita, is that you??? Kavita is quoted as saying "I've been exposed to a lot of different styles (and ways to style jewelry) that I didn't know about before." Kavita is a friend of this blog, and I'm assuming that is the Kavita being that her name isn't all that common. K, if you're reading this...let me know if that is indeed you! ;)
  • JewelMint's latest Guest Editor is none other than Refinery29's Editor-in-Chief, Christene Barberich! Her favorite JewelMint pieces include the New Heights Bracelet, World's End Earrings, and the Serpentine Necklace! You'll notice she's sporting the Serpentine with the clasp in front. See more on JewelMint's Style Diary Blog here.
  • JewelMint features a few snapshots uploaded to their Facebook page of their fans showing off their own "arm party" creations! Upload your own photo because "2 lucky winners will get 5 pieces of Free JewelMint."

In addition, I checked out JewlMint's blog featuring Christene Barberich - it's a fun Q&A article and you'll find a very similar photo of Christine as seen in the email. However, I did some digging and found an extra (hidden) photo that for some reason isn't featured in the post, at least not as of this morning. I was absolutely dying to see a close-up of the bracelets she paired with New Heights.

Here it is....

Photo Credit: Amelia Alpaugh

I'm loving that middle bracelet! Apparently they are "vintage bracelets from her grandmother", according to the article. Love.

xoxo, Lily
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  1. Yes, the code CNDY7 works for other pieces. I just *finally* bought the Astoria necklace for $7 off($23)! I always liked it but was on the fence until I saw a youtube video where a girl wearing a plain black tank top puts the Astoria on and her whole look changed. Very cool!

  2. Yep, that's me they quoted! Was a nice surprise to see my name in an official JM communication :-)


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