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Monday, August 22, 2011

Missed One! Another JewelMint Ring Sneak Peek! Is This The Lady Noir Set's Other Half?

I took a closer look at Kate's C Magazine spread as seen below in this post here. While JewelMint's blog doesn't point out this ring specifically, the article's introduction indeed lists this ring on Kate's finger as a JewelMint ring - "JewelMint ring, $30."

Here's a closer look...

The question remains as to which month this one will be released: September, October or November?

However, I must say it looks very similar to the other black and silver ring featured in the spread named the "Lady Noir Ring Set" (below). Could this possibly be the other ring in this set coming in September??? I sure hope so!!

xoxo, Lily

*UPDATE* Turns out, the first ring is not the other half of September's Lady Noir Set, but it still has a potential for being a September ring *we hope*!

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