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Monday, August 22, 2011

Major JewelMint Sneak Peeks from September, October, and November! - Kate Bosworth on the Cover of C Magazine (Styled by Cher Coulter)!

Take a look at Kate Bosworth featured in this month's C Magazine! The following photo can be found on Jewelmint's Style Diary Blog (as seen here)...

 (Click to Read/Enlarge)

Here are the close-ups of Kate rocking both future and past JewelMint pieces in the spread:

Seen here: JewelMint's Forget Me Knot Trio

Seen here: Kate wearing a ring from the Paramour Bracelet (disassembled).

Seen here: Two unnamed JewelMint sneak peek necklaces - coming in October!

Seen here: JewelMint's Faye Dynasty Earrings sneak peek - coming in September!

Seen here: JewelMint's Mystic Secrets Necklace worn as a pin! Cher Coulter is truly amazing at what she does! Totally brilliant.

Seen here: JewelMint's Lady Noir Ring Set sneak peek - coming in September!

Seen here: Kind of hard to see as Kate's hair is blocking the view, JewelMint Earrings sneak peek - coming in November!

xoxo, Lily

What are your thoughts on these upcoming pieces? Which are you looking forward to most? Would you ever wear the Mystic Secrets Necklace as a pin like Kate?

1 comment:

  1. I must get the Mystic so I can wear it as a pin. Brilliant!


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