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Sunday, August 7, 2011

JewelMint's Lost Treasure Bracelet - Photographs


I have to say that the Lost Treasure Bracelet is one of my favorites from JewelMint's August Collection. It's just so interesting to look at, and the texture and feel of it is very unique. This bracelet is one of those pieces that you could easily want to purchase a second just to have for layering.

This bracelet features two sets of stamped graphics - one on each side. As you can see in the photos above, each coin on the front face features a knight; the back (and inner curves) feature eagles or "medieval crests". I actually prefer wearing this bracelet backwards as the inverted curves actually make the bracelet fit tighter on smaller wrists, and it just looks really cool this way with the added depth. Oh, and seriously...who doesn't LOVE a magnetic closure?! It's a breeze to put on!

I took a look though my JewelMint collection and there were some really cool pieces to pair this with. While some were more obvious (such as the Mumbai Bracelet), I pulled out some unexpected pieces that would compliment a "treasure chest" theme extremely well!

This photo is actually the first featured photo in this post, but here it is again! As you can see, the Paramour Bracelet is actually more of a glamorous piece. However, paired with the Lost Treasure Bracelet, this bracelet takes on a Pirates of the Caribbean feel. While the Scarab Ring is more of an Egyptian piece, I couldn't help but want to add this to the duo to add that unexpected "pop" of color. I seriously love these three pieces together!

Which pieces would you pair with the Lost Treasure Bracelet??

xoxo, Lily

P.S. I've uploaded all of the photos above to Mint-Spiration.com! Please check it out and register - it's free to join!

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