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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sneak Peeks: Upcoming JewelMint Necklaces!

Photo: JewelMint Blog

In the photo above, Kate Bosworth is wearing an upcoming Jewelmint necklace! Here's what JewelMint's Style Diary Blog has to say about it:
"Kate looked chic leaving one of her favorite restaurants, Chateau Marmont, last week. Check out the upcoming JewelMint necklace she wore! This delicate dangeler works perfectly with her simple, yet sophisticated neutral look."
I literally had to do a double-take! When I had originally scrolled down over the photo, my first instinct was that she was wearing the Pearl Fleur Necklace. However, due to the size of the pearl on this necklace, lack of a ring, longer length, and color - this pearl looks amethyst - it is most definitely a new piece and deserves its own attention! My second instinct? How fabulous this will look paired with the Opera Pearl Necklace!

Here's another JewelMint piece on Kate that was introduced to us earlier this week...

Kate's wearing September's upcoming Lost City Necklace in the photo above. Her blue dyed tips remind me of those good 'ol elementary school days when everyone would dye their hair with Kool-Aid! Remember that? :)

Here's what JewelMint's Style Diary Blog has to say:
"Kate rocked teal tips in attendance of the Coldplay concert on Wednesday, and peaking out from under the collar of her floral blouse is… another preview! The Lost City Necklace will be available this September for those of you loving it!"
We saw this same piece earlier this week when Kate Bosworth mentioned it during Glamour's Facebook chat earlier this week and in this post here! You can see the original photo Cher Coulter posted to Facebook in the same post.

I also previously took a poll about the new Lost City Necklace - here are the (rounded) result numbers as they currently stand:

33% of you say you love it!
42% of you say it's okay.
25% of you say it's not your style.

With that, it's time for another poll! This time I'm curious what you think about the unknown pearl necklace as seen on Kate!

xoxo, Lily

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Sneak Peeks - Upcoming Pieces & Sketches tab permanently listed in the sidebar where I continually update the latest sneak peek photos and sketches! 

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