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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kate Bosworth in "LØV" from Vanessa Bruno - Fall/Winter 2011-12

LØV from Vanessa Bruno - Fall/Winter 2011-12 featuring Kate Bosworth

The first time I saw this video I must say that it wasn't what I was expecting. Compared to Kate's Cotton Commercial ad, I was kind of expecting to see the usual light and carefree Kate that we're used to. That's not to say I'm not totally intrigued by the video as it's actually fascinating to see her in a different light. She looks gorgeous as usual, and the cinematography is absolutely brilliant.

I'm loving the song as well - it is one that can easily get stuck in your head. While it is somewhat reminiscent of something you would hear from Radiohead, it is actually by an artist by the name of Owen Pallett, titled "Keep The Dog Quiet". You can find it here on Amazon.com.

View entire Fall/Winter 2012 the collection at VanessaBruno.com. Currently, there is one Vanessa Bruno boutique here in the U.S. that is located in West Hollywood, California.

xoxo, Lily

What are your thoughts on Vanessa Bruno's "LØV" campaign featuring Kate? Do you love it? Which scene is your favorite?

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