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Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Details About The Newly Released Black Swan Cuff & Perfect Scallops!

Photo & Video: Jewelmint

Sometimes it's a good thing to read the fine print, eh? Here I was super excited thinking we could use the Facebook Friday Deal until I found that it didn't work. I mean, in the midst of all the hype and excitement who has time to read any fine print right? lol

Well, yeah, as you can see above the print states "Free Shipping, Limit 1 per customer. Does not count towards September monthly member purchase. Not valid with any other offer. Discount codes may not be used."

This is a first for sure, and I'm assuming it is due to the high exclusivity of this piece! It says only 400 have been released. In terms of marketing strategies, it seems as if a limited amount has been released to potentially sell out prior to Sept. 1st, which seems as if it will be restocked again at that time if it does in fact sell out beforehand.

I will tell you what though, I'm pretty sure most of us are not willing to find out just how quick this will sell out prior to September without securing one for ourselves first! This scalloped and textured hematite beauty is perfection, and I could totally see this early release quickly selling out.

I also have the perfect scalloped skirt in mind that would look so amazing paired with the Black Swan! While this is more of a literal styling interpretation, I've had my eye on this style for awhile now, and I finally have the perfect excuse. This skirt is only $19.80 at Forever21 (top). Unfortunately , I had waited too long to purchase the now sold-out ASOS dress (bottom), as this would have been my first choice!

In addition, here is more information about JewelMint's lovely Black Swan Cuff:

"Rule the animal kingdom in this feathered cuff! Created for the wild at heart, the 1” wide armband features plume texture for added dimension. Slate colored hematite plating gives this piece a fierce finish. Spark your next high impact ensemble with our sensational swan design and soar above the rest."

xoxo, Lily

Did you purchase JewelMint's Black Swan today regardless of the "discount codes may not be used" terms?

I am now being told that the Facebook Friday codes have reportedly been working for some members for this cuff. Did the codes work for you?

1 comment:

  1. http://fhauling4you.blogspot.com/2011/08/jewelmint-black-swan-cuff-early-access.html

    If you check out the picture I have in my blog post, the number was actually 498. I took my picture before what was stated in your picture. So it might just mean that is all that is left for pre-sale. Perhaps more will be sold come September.

    The code didn't work for me. In fact the place to enter a code didn't even show up when I had it in my cart on the facebook page. From what I hear the code worked on the JM site.


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