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Friday, August 26, 2011

JewelMint's Black Swan Cuff Is Here & Tulums Are Back!!! Thank You Janine, Gwen, and Kathryn!

Photos: Jewelmint

A super huge thank you to Janine for letting us know that JewelMint has just released their Black Swan Cuff as seen on their Facebook Early Access Page!! As of right now, it is up and available for purchase! I'm totally loving this piece...it looks sleek and versaitile, and it's so exciting to see an early release! Don't forget to use your Facebook Friday Deal if you haven't done so already for $7 off (here).

You can find this bracelet here:

Also, another huge thanks to Gwen and Kathryn for letting us know that the Tulum Bracelets are also now back in stock!

xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!

P.S. A text notification alert has been sent out regarding this new item!!!!

*UPDATE* Seems as though JewelMint discounts codes are not working for this piece.

**UPDATE** Silly me - codes aren't working because the fine print says that discount codes "may not be used."

***UPDATE*** I'm now being told that Facebook Friday codes have reportedly been working for some members for this cuff.


  1. thank you again for the text alerts! first an alert for the steampunk and now an alert for the black swan that goes perfectly with the steampunk. i jump everytime i get a jewelsandmints alert :) i even gave the alerts their own ringtone, and no one in my phone has their own ringtone. i dont want to miss them lol. thanks again!

  2. The discount code pay7 worked for me when I bought the black swan cuff.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I so agree, the Steampunks will go wonderfully with the Black Swan Cuff!! I'm so thrilled that everyone is loving the text alert notifications. Your comment just made my day! :) I especially LOVE the fact that you've given them their own ringtone! LOL Too funny. :)

    Hi Sandi - Thanks!! I updated the posts to reflect this. I've been getting emails from a few others also saying that the codes worked for them too!

    xo, L

  4. New discount code, good for Sunday Aug 28 only. Gift7 --> gives $7 off and a free gift. Works with the black swan if you haven't already bought it (mine made it to my cart but I didn't know it, so I thought the facebook app wasn't working)


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