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Monday, August 1, 2011

New JewelMint Groupon Deal: Roanoke, $25 for Two Pieces ($60 Value)! Thank You Verna!

Photo: Groupon

A super huge thank you to Verna for sharing this new JewelMint Groupon deal!

Get two pieces of JewelMint Jewelry for $25! Offer is available to new members.

Click here for the Roanoke JewelMint Groupon (ends 8/3)

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xoxo, Lily
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  1. So if you purchase this on groupon, does it just give you an online code to use on jewelmint? So you would spend 25$ for the coupon, and then that would also be for the jewelry or do you have to pay another 25 for the jewelry? :s

  2. @Anonymous: You spend $25 for the coupon, and redeem it at Jewelmint using the code from your Groupon. It will add 2 credits to your Jewelmint account, so you can choose 2 pieces. You do not have to pay anything extra.

  3. does this work even if you're not a new member?

  4. this works even if youre not a new member! :)

  5. such a great deal!

  6. did you use it already or how do you know it works as not a new member? because on there it says not valid until the 6th? =s


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