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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011 - The Weekly JewelMint Exchange: Buy, Sell, Trade!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Ready, set, exchange! This is a weekly Sunday night post for those looking to buy, sell, or trade JewelMint! 

Is there a  piece you missed out on? A piece that just didn't work out for you that needs a new loving home? Or, a piece you're willing to trade for something else?

The Weekly JewelMint Exchange is a *weekly* post that will post every Sunday evening for you to post JewelMint items you are looking to buy, sell or trade across the board. Make sure to check back each week for new user listings!

Here's how it works:
1. Begin your post with: Looking to sell, looking to trade, or looking to find.
2. List your items (including accurate descriptions, if necessary, such as "new", "used", or "altered").
3. Please don't forget to include an email address for contact.

Happy trading!

xoxo, Lily
Click here for the official rules for safe trading, etc.


  1. All brand new for sale. I just never got around to wearing them. I would like to get back what I paid for each $29.99 but I am open to taking offers.

    Rio Bravo Earrings
    Bella Bracelet
    Sanskirt Necklace
    Lapis Necklace
    Celtic Charm Rings 8
    Aqua Bomb Ring 8


  2. Looking for a Sierra bracelet! I have Rio Bravos, Manhattan earrings, or Piet earrings (NWB - willing to combine 2 of these) or JM credit for trade. Please email me at lotus_fire_77@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

  3. Looking for:

    Jaclyn Earrings
    Trillion Earrings
    Cairo Rings
    Blazing Chain Bracelet


  4. I have the following for Sale (or perhaps a trade):

    -Piet Earrings
    -Cleopatra Earrings
    -Manhattan earrings
    -Odyssey necklace
    -Opera Pearl necklace
    -Lunar Blue necklace
    -Astoria necklace
    -Mumbai bracelet

    Looking for:
    -Silver Flower Chain bracelet (REALLY want...let's work something out :)
    -Baltic Gem earrings
    -Bossa Nova earrings
    -Oyster earrings
    -Golden Goose

    Please Email me at:

  5. I emailed you, rachrach85@yahoo.com ! :)

  6. I tried to email you yesterday rachrach85. I would like your celtic charm rings, lapis necklace and bella bracelet.


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