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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Updated List of September Pieces! Thank You Janine!

A super huge "Thank you!" to Janine for sending an email with a current list of uncovered September pieces. The latest to be added to the list is the Payal Belle Bracelet. Here's the current list so far:

Faye Dynasty Earrings
Lady Noir Rings
Lost City Necklace
Payal Belle Bracelet
Pomander Pendant

There's a possible extra September piece that I know of, but I can't share it just yet as it hasn't completely been confirmed.

We're also still on the lookout for the names of this bracelet, this ring, this ring, this necklace that are believed to be upcoming September pieces.

I'm also completely surprised by the Lady Noir Rings!! I was totally expecting those black rings that have been circulating around (as seen here and here) to be a part of the set. Turns out, I was wayyyyyyyy off! Which means, the black rings we've seen are still possible September pieces!!

xoxo, Lily

P.S. You can plug in the names with dashes to find the direct links: (i.e. JewelMint.com/Jewelry/insert-name-here).


  1. It's the Very Audrey's with the black center stone isn't it!?

  2. Lily - that second ring that we're still waiting on a name for? I see it in the Twitpic you posted this morning (the pic where you see the payal bracelet). I hope that's a september piece, as it's a great cocktail ring!

  3. Hey Kavita, or should I say..."Kativa"? LOL ;)

    I'm really hoping that this ring is coming in September! There's also this ring too that I'm very curious about: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UeWeQLfgxcc/TlMvTw--hBI/AAAAAAAAB8A/2TgHRTps-LY/s400/JewelMint+Blog+-+C+Magazine+Kate+Bosworth+2+Future+JewelMint+Ring+Sneak+Peek+2011.jpg

    I'm so thrilled that we only have 4 days left!!! Will you be staying up late for the Party???

    Gwen - I really wish I could say more! :)

    xo, L


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