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Thursday, September 22, 2011

JewelMint Mail: $5 Off + A Bonus Gift from JewelMint!

Photos: Jewelmint

Just like last month's deal, JewelMint is again offering a free gift with purchase! Order any one item of your choice and get one of six pieces of theirs using Promo Code: BONUS5

Possibilities include the following...
  • Bronze Zip Bracelet
  • Corsica Bracelet
  • Garden Patch Trio
  • Lost Treasure Bracelet
  • Nicolas Necklace
  • Paradise Cove Necklace
I'm glad to see an actual cut-off time has been designated this month. Everyone will receive their free gift as long as orders are placed by tomorrow at 8am PST!

xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!


  1. Looks like there is no customer limit this time so that's good. I really wish they would let us pick though. There is only one piece I like. The rest I would never wear.


  2. Thanks for posting about this promo. I got Gatsby. I'll be really happy with any freebie. If it's not my style then it will be a creative challenge on working it in.


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