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Saturday, September 10, 2011

JewelMint Mail: $6 Off - Facebook's Most Wanted! Limited Supply!

Photo: Jewelmint

JewelMint's latest email highlights favorites from six Facebook fans with quotes about their favorite pieces which includes the Bella Flora Earrings, Nicolas Necklace, and Pin Up Necklace. I just love it when JewelMint features their fans whether it be in emails or on Facebook - congrats to everyone featured!

For the next 48 hours (received email at 12:06 pm PST on 9/9/11), get $6 off using Promo Code: FAN6

I'm a little confused though. It's currently 3:30 am PST on 9/10/11, but for some reason I'm not getting the code to work for me. The fine print on the bottom of the email says it expires on 9/10/11, but 48 hours from when I received this email would technically be 12:06 pm on the 11th.

Is this code working right now for anyone? Please share!


  1. Lily, try EXIT30. I saw on facebook wall that some peeps that aren't even new members are getting $8.99 off purchases right now.

  2. I can say that it seems to be one of the perfect offer though and many can be benefited with this offer. It seems to be good enough to see that you can save $6 when you shop using discount code.


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