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Friday, September 9, 2011

JewelMint Addresses Recent Billing Glitch

Photo: Jewelmint

A couple days ago, I wrote about the recent JewelMint billing issues that unfortunately affected members who decided to "skip this month". You can read more about the glitch in this post here.

Well, yesterday we received the following email about my husband's account:

Dear JewelMint Member,

We would like to personally thank you for your patience following a billing error on Tuesday morning, and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. The error resulted in a number of loyal customers who had elected to 'Skip the Month' still being charged for one credit. The error was quickly identified and all incorrect charges were immediately voided. At no time was any personal information compromised. We are aware that a number of debit card customers are still seeing the funds 'Pending' on their account. Rest assured the charge has been reversed but unfortunately it can take several days to clear depending on the bank.

As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to offer you $7 off all JewelMint items over the next 48 hours - use promo code LOYAL7. Because we feel so bad about this error, we would like you to enjoy this offer as many times as you want through 09/10/11.

At JewelMint, the trust and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Rest assured that steps have been introduced to avoid a recurrence in the future. We truly value your loyalty and look forward to continuing to provide you each month with exciting, exclusive jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter.

If you have any additional concerns or questions, please email us at customercare@jewelmint.com or call us at toll-free 888-258-3339.


JP Barcenas and Jose Martinez
Customer Care 

While the $7 promo code is a nice gesture, I'm just happy that the issue was addressed in a more personal manner (email form). This meant so much more to me than the random acknowledgement hidden amongst a bunch of posts on JewelMint's Facebook page that I just happen to come across.

However, I've had some more time to think about this and I really think JewelMint had everyone's best interest in mind when deciding to immediately acknowledge the issue in an the instant forum that is Facebook. Looking back, the topic was being discussed amongst fans and I believe JewelMint felt it was best to address it before comments got too out of hand (although they still did to some extent).

Putting together an apology post on Facebook is much easier to do than gathering all the required information about the extent of a glitch, the account information of all affected, and using this information to carefully word an apology email and to offer (not to mention authorize) a peace offering a/k/a promotional code to help ease some of the tension.

While a couple of days may have seemed too long for some, I do think this personal acknowledgement was exactly what members wanted from JewelMint, and we got it. While we can only hope this doesn't happen again, we can also hope that any future issues will be addressed via email a little sooner. I'm pretty sure JewelMint has learned that the longer an issue is left unacknowledged on a personal level, the less confident their members may become. But not only is BeachMint/JewelMint still growing (and yes, mistakes will happen along the way), but they are also learning how to deal with them, and you have to at least respect that.

In the interim, I've convinced my husband to keep his account (you know, just in case he ever wants to buy me more JewelMint in the future!), and I'm looking forward to watching JewelMint continue to grow. They are supposedly fixing the issue, it has now been addressed, a peace offering has been made, and if anyone received any overages please know that most banks will reverse fees incurred by an unauthorized charge. Not to mention, I don't believe fees are usually assessed when a pending charge ends up "falling off" anyway. ;)

xoxo, Lily

What do you think about JewelMint's apology email? Are you inclined to forgive and give JewelMint another chance? Do you think the promo code for $7 off was a nice gesture?


  1. I can't stay mad at Jewelmint. Everyone makes mistakes. Also, it would take a whole lot for me to cancel my account.

    I do think they should have probably the discount code with a longer or no expiration date. I hardly think those that have gotten any overdraft fees or were charged when they skipped the month want to or are in the position to order more pieces so soon after being charged incorrectly.

  2. everyone makes mistakes, even Jewelmint, so I appreciated the email. I was slightly peeved when I tried to use the code and the site kept telling me it was invalid even though it had not expired yet.

  3. i think the concern is...how secure is the credit card information, especially if people who've canceled the accounts had been charged. i initially had security concerns when i changed my email address but jewelmint's emails kept going to my old address. i know they're in their infancy but credit security is something that they should have at the top of their list.


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