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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monthly JewelMint Charges - Complaints, etc.

Earlier today, JewelMint released a statement on Facebook at 10:20am regarding a "billing glitch" that seems to have affected the accounts of those who opted to skip this month's automatic billing/credit cycle:

"Hey JewelMint fans, we had a billing glitch this morning that may have affected some of our JewelMint members. We discovered the issue and quickly fixed it for you. JewelMint is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you have any issues or concerns please contact us at customercare@jewelmint.com." - JewelMint

In addition, JewelMint followed up by saying "We have voided all of these incorrect charges."

While it seems as though this issue is in the process of being rectified, I have received a few emails from readers regarding this inconvenience, and I would like to point out a few things here that have been on my mind today.

Now, I want to preface this by saying that you guys know I'm a huge advocate of JewelMint, and I've always been pleased with their customer service. I know they will correct this error as they've always made it a habit to go above and beyond for us. However, I have not contacted them about the issue yet as I'm waiting to see how the following continues to unfold...

You see, my husband has a separate JewelMint account for pieces he has purchased for me in the past as gifts - by the way, if there are any men out there reading this...this is one way to a woman's heart! That said, this month's cycle was "skipped", but his our spending account was affected by today's billing glitch. While the account was not at risk of being overdrawn by this issue, I could see how this could be problematic for some. In addition, I was only made aware of the problem when I initially saw JewelMint's Facebook post on the feeds.

As we all know, these charges should only currently be showing as a "pending" status, and I do believe it could take a couple days for these charges to "fall off" as a result of the charges being voided. Regardless of this, I really would have appreciated to see an email in his account with a simple explanation of the problem as soon as it was discovered.

While a lot of us do follow JewelMint on Facebook (almost a million of us to be somewhat exact), I do believe this should have been a secondary forum to address it, but not the primary source. With that, I am very hopeful that JewelMint is just still in the process of gathering the relevant information needed in order to send out a mass email regarding the problem to those affected by it. Therefore, I look forward to the next few days to see how JewelMint handles this as there is still time to do so.

In the meantime, I have to sit the husband down and explain the pending charge to him. In hindsight, maybe it was a good thing a mass email hasn't been sent out out yet, lol. But yeah, in all seriousness, I do think that a simple "sorry" email will suffice. I'm almost sure most of us are more than willing to forgive...you know, things happen. And I am almost willing to bet this glitch occurred as a result of the recent website updates that JewelMint.com underwent recently, but either way JewelMint will fix it, learn from it, and move forward - it's what all (reputable) companies do.

I'll keep you guys updated as more details continue to unfold, etc.

xoxo, Lily

P.S. If you did incur any overdraft fees as a result of today's "glitch", call your bank, and explain the situation. Most banks are nice and will reverse fees incured as a result of an unauthorized charge.

Was your account affected by today's billing glitch? If so, how do you feel about it? Are you inclined to keep or cancel your account? How would you like to see JewelMint correct this issue?


  1. Luckily, I was not affected by this glitch! I did skip the month, but my account is tied to a credit card that was maxed out and does not allow me to exceed my limit (I have others that do). The whole situation has definitely opened my eyes a little, though, because if it had been my bank account... I will be making sure from now on to always use a credit card for online recurring accounts.

    It also does not affect my willingness to continue as a jewelmint customer. I saw on Facebook that quite a few were stating they were going to cancel their accounts because of this situation. While I would most certainly be upset, I would not be so hasty. I'm sure that after this time, they will ensure that it never happens again!

  2. I also luckily was not affected by the glitch, however my roommate was charged TWICE, despite having indicated she was skipping this month.

    I know that it's easy for me to say it's not a big deal since I wasn't affected, but this stuff happens all the time! It's up to us to be cautious about which cards we use, and maybe some people will have learned for themselves through this incident what accounts they are comfortable with linking to JM. Online purchasing is not perfect, so take some extra precaution for your own peace of mind.

    As for FB in general, I on occasion will visit their wall, but I find that there are too many drama queens posting their woes on the site. A bit of a buzz kill for me.

  3. i was charged once and i thought i had made the error... but it wasn't me...it was JM... i emailed them and hope this will be rectified asap.. there are some that got charged again this morning! and there are ex members claiming that they had cancelled their acct recently and got charged. something is not right with the system they are using.

  4. I was not charged either; I do understand the frustration but it happens; nothing is infallible. I'd prefer an accidental charge to someone hacking the site. Some of the comments on the FB wall were really out of control, though, even going as far as to claim fraud and theft. I'm not excusing JM but this was another in a series of technical glitches that plagued them recently. It's amazing how far some people want to take the drama.

  5. I was charged twice, and it seems that JM has nobody working in customer service; I called twice yesterday to no avail, and sent multiple emails and "live chat" questions, also with no success. I am highly disappointed with their lack of customer service and satisfaction, and I know that once I get my money back, I will cancel my membership and recommend to everyone I know to not purchase from JM.
    JM's way of reaching out to customers about this issue is very unprofessional and nonchalant, and I can't respect that.

  6. Lily...this post is so well put. It is unfortunate that people have had unauthorized charges or bank issues. You make a good point that this has happened to companies and online shopping sites before. I am sure Jewelmint will go above and beyond to fix this problem. Although not large, their CS is hard working and always accommodating. I was just sorry to see people cancel their memberships because of this. We need to remember this site and company isn't even a year old yet....they are going to have flubs.


  7. my account still has not been recredited. i've already read fb posts that CANCELLED accounts are being charged. will i have to close my credit account because of this. this is UNACCEPTABLE.

  8. I was charged as well and am not friends with them on facebook so never was even told about the glitch. I filed a claim with my bank after trying to reach Jewelmint by phone, onlne chat and email. I'm sorry but if you are going to run a business you have to have a way for customers to reach you during normal business hours. My bank rectified the situation for me but it took over a week for Jewelmint to respond to any of my queries. They'd have to have the world's best t-shirt up next for me to ever reconsider giving them my credit card number again.


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