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Thursday, September 15, 2011

JewelMint, You Totally Tricked Us: A Closer Look At The Versailles Earrings & Future JewelMint Set Possibilities?

So I'm totally laughing as I'm typing this because JewelMint had us fooled! Do you remember all the buzz about a recent set of earrings seen on Kate at a recent red-carpet event in France? It was at the Deauville Film Festival to be exact. There was a beautiful white dress from Chanel involved, pearls and crystals galore, and a particular pair of earrings that had us talking! See the post here.

Photos: GossipCenter.com/Getty Images

Well, here's the scoop...

JewelMint recently posted two blog on JewelMint's Style Diary (both here and here) featuring Kate wearing a refashioned version of the Versailles Earrings. Take a closer look at the photo below. Look familiar???

In one of JewelMint's posts, they mention the following:

"Kate and Cher love reinventing their favorite JewelMint pieces in new ways. They get creative by taking past favorites and “refashioning” them into different types of jewelry; recently Cher took the chandelier Versailles Earrings and turned them into studs for Kate to wear at the Deauville Film Festival in France. Read more to find out how you can take part in the “refashioning” phenomenon at JewelMint."

I'm laughing because on the day these photos were originally released (September 2nd), I spent a good amount of time trying to assess Kate's earrings. I just never put the two together!

My original interpretation was this: "And here we have a close-up of Kate's cluster earrings. It's hard to tell, but these earrings look as if there are two "winged" metal loops that adorn a centerpiece of faceted crystals. What do you think?"

I can only imagine if anyone at JewelMint reads this blog, they were probably giggling if they happened to catch that post.

Well, never again JewelMint! We're on to this whole "refashioning" thing you have going on (which we love by the way)! Oh, and while you're at it, can you refashion us some Gatsby earrings? Thanks! ;)

From now on, we're looking at sneak peeks with a different set of eyes as it seems anything has a possibility of being refashioned.

So far we've seen the Mystic Secrets Necklace turned into a pin in Kate's recent C Magazine shoot (in this post here) and the Paramour Bracelet take on a whole new look as September's Paramour Necklace. There's also currently a contest going on right now over on JewelMint's Facebook page (here) for us to vote on which piece we would like to see remade. And now, this crystal looped earrings mystery being solved as simply being the Versailles all along!

Tricky, tricky, tricky.

xoxo, Lily

P.S. How amazing would that be if JewelMint actually released future sets focused solely on their new "Refashioned" thing they have going on? For example, I came up with a few ideas of my own that I think we would all love! Just know these aren't actual future sets, just ideas. Here it goes...

Future JewelMint Set Possibilities?

Set 1 - The Secret Set: Mystic Secrets Necklace & Refashioned Mystic Secrets Pin
Set 2 - The Very Versailles Duo: Versailles Earrings & Refashioned Versailles Studs (glam/casual)
Set 3 - The Perfectly Paramour Trio:
Paramour Bracelet, Paramour Necklace, Paramour Rings
Set 4 - The Gatsby Duo:
Gatsby Bracelet and Gastby Earrings (or Necklace)

I would personally purchase all four in a heartbeat! I think many of us would - Would you?

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  1. I'm pretty sure a JMer did this a while back.


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