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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little (Jewel) Mint-Spiration: The Lovely Lapis & Matching Anthropologie Earrings

Photo: JewelMint Lapis Necklace, Anthropologie Triangle Reflection Drops $38

Lately I've been hard at work updating Mint-Spiration.com! The layout is now much cleaner, the interface is more consistent with the rest of my "mint" blogs, and I've also been adding a ton of new photos for everyone to check out!

One of the galleries I've added is dedicated to JewelMint Look-alikes. As you'll notice, some of these pieces have more distinct similarities while others are more subtle. Either way, you can find some great pieces that resemble JewelMint pieces that may no longer be available or that will at least help to fill that void until the real deal is re-released!

While I have a ton of photos to still add, I thought it would fun to highlight them on this blog in a new post called "A Little (Jewel) Mint-Spiration". These new posts will feature JewelMint pieces paired up other beautiful non-JewelMint jewelry. As these photos post live here on this blog, I will also be uploading them to the Mint-Spiration.com photo gallery under "A Little (Jewel) Mint-Spiration".

As you can see in today's post, I have paired the Lapis Necklace with Anthropologie's new Triangle Reflection Drops in Blue ($38 at Anthropologie.com). I immediately thought of the lovely Lapis the second I laid eyes on these earrings. While the cobalt and gold colors are obvious similarities, you can also notice the triagular shapes throughout both pieces. The round cobalt beads in the Lapis also carry throughout the top portion of these earrings, and the touch of silver on the bottom gives the whole look a little something extra!

Click here to sign up for JewelMint's Lapis Necklace Waitlist.
Click here to find these earrings on Anthropologie.com.

xoxo, Lily

Would you personally pair these two pieces together? What would you wear with this set?

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