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Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Bizarre JewelMint Email - 50% Off Promo Code (New Members)

Photo: Jewelmint

On Monday, Sharon sent us a mysterious email that she had received over the weekend from JewelMint. The email (as seen here) featured the Sierra Bracelet, Charleston Earrings, Sea Breeze Earrings, Urban Warrior Ring, and the Sanskrit Necklace all with "Get It Now" options. Problem is, only the Sea Breeze and Urban Warrior are currently in stock. The other three pieces have been sold out for quite some time now.

Today, another bizarre JewelMint email was sent out to select members offering 50% off any one item for new members using Promo Code: BIG15

While this code is working for new members, its been around for awhile. But again, this email features multiple pieces as available, when they're not. For example, the Sanskrit Necklace and Zoe Bangle are both featured as "Almost Sold Out". They've been sold out for awhile. Other pieces such as the In The Rough Ring, Romantic Pine, and Rio Bravos are currently not available either.

Taking a closer look you'll notice the email mentions "Spring Favorites". Looks like these random and mysterious emails are simply just older emails being recirculated. I'm assuming on accident.

So no worries if you received this email only to think you may have missed out on these popular pieces, they haven't been re-released and I don't believe these emails mean they will be re-stocked anytime soon, but then again...who knows? At least the code is still working for new members! :)

Anyone else receive this random JewelMint email early this morning?

xoxo, Lily

P.S. Thanks to Samantha D. on Twitter for the title correction. I've been reading too much Harper's lately....it's "bazaar". ;)

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