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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Mysterious JewelMint Email - Did You Receive It This Past Weekend?

Photo: Jewelmint

A super huge thanks to Sharon for forwarding this email to me to share with all of you!

Sharon received this email on Saturday, October 22nd. The only problem is, these pieces have been sold out for quite some time on JewelMint's website.

I took a look back through my emails from JewelMint and while some of the photos from the email look familiar to me, I can't seem to find this particular email anywhere.

It looks as though it was written back in May - the same month JewelMint released the Sierra Bracelet, Urban Warrior Ring, and Sea Breeze earrings. I do also believe the Sanskrit and Charleston Earrings were available at this time, too.

Even more mysterious is, Sharon says she contacted JewelMint Customer Service, but they didn't seem to know anything about the email she had received.

While this email may have been a glitch, it still would be nice to see some of these pieces restocked! The Charleston's are absolutely stunning.

Did anyone else receive this same email from JewelMint over the weekend?? If so, was your email identical to this one? Or, do you remember receiving this email from JewelMint in the past? :)

xoxo, Lily


  1. It does feel extremely familiar to me as well! I'm about 99.9% certain that I received this EXACT same email from top to bottom months ago, but I'll have to do a search on my apple inbox for "JewelMint" and see if I can find it buried among the masses. I'll let you know if I find it and what date its from. I really wish it was new because among other things I've been praying desperately for a Charleston earrings re-stock for anniversary month!

  2. Thanks Kirsten! It's been driving me mad that I haven't been able to pinpoint it. :) Fingers crossed they will bring the Charleston's back, they're classic! Seeing them on Kate in her recent Cotton campaign made me realize just how versatile they really can be!

  3. Well crap. I searched both my Apple inbox and my Blackberry inbox, but no luck! It was one of the rare few emails that I actually deleted after reading. Why? I have no idea because I loved all of the looks in it so normally I would've saved an email like that. Regardless, I'm absolutely certain that you're right and its from months ago. Sad. The Cotton campaign is what got me obsessing over them too! Before seeing the commercial all the time, whenever they were in stock I'd always go back and forth, but never pulled the trigger despite loving art deco pieces and purple being my favorite color because I just couldn't think of where I'd wear them or what I'd wear them with, but now that they're gone I've been pining away for them and cursing myself ever since!


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