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Monday, October 24, 2011

JewelsAndMints (Weekly) Fan Styling Photos & Video Reviews! - Monday, October 24th

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday! I'm very excited to announce a new weekly post here on this blog that will feature photos and videos from YOU! :) Thank you to everyone who emailed me this weeks photos in response to this post here

If you want your photo, blog or YouTube video to be featured in next week's post, send your information to jewelsandmints@gmail.com with your first name, last initial, links, and a small description of your submission(s).

Each and every Monday your photos and videos submitted for the week will be featured in a new JewelsAndMints Weekly Fan post!

xoxo, Lily

"A photo of me wearing the just re-released Pebble Earrings." - Sue X.
Blog: http://ShesGonnaSnap.com

"I love JewelMint even tho I only own one piece 
I know I will be ordering some more!!" - Carol R.
YouTube: youtube.com/user/carolcarol92

Closeup of Carol R.'s JewelMint Brixton Earrings

Jessi M. wearing JewelMint's New Forever Audrey Earrings, Metal Mosaic Ring,
New Humanity Bracelet, and Black Swan Cuff! 

Blog: fhauling4you.blogspot.com

Jessi M. also wearing JewelMint's October Wonderland Earrings

"UNLOCK MY HEART NECKLACE which is very unique and chunky. 
I love JewelMint Large Statement pieces!" - LaTasha J.
YouTube: youtube.com/user/LaluvesLa

"I’ve heard a few negative comments about these which almost stopped me from buying them. SOOOOO glad I did not listen because  I LOVEEEEEEE my Encore Necklaces. You will never find any neck piece like this ANYWHERE ELSE, but JewelMint. Can be worn year round. FYI: It is 2 separate necklaces!" - LaTasha J.

"Here's me wearing Cleo and Soliel, I love them together!" - Cheryl S.

YouTube Fan Reviews:

LaTasha J.'s featured YouTube Review:

Click here to check out Part 2 of LaTasha's review!

Carol R.'s featured YouTube Review:

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos and videos for this week's fan styling post! Don't forget to send your photos and videos to jewelsandmints@gmail.com to be featured in next week's post!

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