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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Experiencing Issues with JewelMint Website + Two Pending Charges

*Update* Monday, October 31st: Click here for my follow-up in regards to this post. :)

Well, you guys know me. I'm not one to ever really complain that much and if there is ever something that is bothering me, I try to remain as positive as possible. However, I'm currently having a less than favorable experience right now with JewelMint's website.

While taking up the Facebook "B2G1FREE" offer yesterday, I entered all my information correctly on the website only to receive an error message "payment error:failed to purchase cart." with a declined card notice.

Declined? How so? I double checked the numbers - everything was indeed entered correctly, and there was more than enough in the bank account to cover the transaction.

I checked the account online to verify that everything was good, only to notice the $59.98 pending JewelMint charge on the account. Of course, the amount of money in the account was not an issue, and I double-checked the entered card numbers one more time. In addition, I've received no messages or confirmations in regards to the order - or lack thereof.

I've left a message on their after-hours messaging system, and chalked it up to being an isolated glitch that should be taken care of on Monday.

I also didn't plan on posting anything about my issue until, well...it happened again today.

Come today's BeWitchMint Bag deal, I couldn't help but want to purchase a mystery bag of my own.  I figured the first issue may have been a fluke so of course I was a bit hesitant, but I just couldn't resist. Sure enough, I received another "Payment error: failed to purchase cart" notice citing the same issue.

Again, I checked the account which is perfectly fine. Except for the second charge that is now pending on my account along with the first.

Now there are two pending charges/holds on my bank account totaling over $80 and no confirmations. The kicker? The Empress necklace that I purchased yesterday that was showing "almost sold out" is now listed as "sold out".

I'll be sending JewelMint a second after-hours message here shortly. In addition, I'll be following up with this post tomorrow once this gets sorted out. I will at least let everyone know if the situation was corrected which I don't see why it shouldn't be. I do know that JewelMint's customer service is extremely helpful; I've just personally never experienced this issue before.

In the meantime, I won't be attempting to purchase anything else until this is rectified, and for good reason. I'm hoping they can still fulfill my original order which included one Empress Necklace amongst two other pieces I've been longing for. I guess we'll see what happens...

xoxo, Lily

P.S. Has this happened to anyone else recently? If so, what was the result? Thank you.


  1. i'm sorry that happened lily. it actually happens quite often and they can't do anything about it because it basically means your order did not go through. my friend had 8 pending purchases which all went away the following work day and jewelmint informed her they were sorry but none of her purchases went through. hopefully they can extend the halloween bag for you until they sort it out =(

  2. There have been a few stories like this posted on the JM FB wall in the past several weeks. One of the ladies over there summed up what happens pretty well. She said that basically because the orders never went through on JM's end, they won't charge the bank for those purchases, and after two or so days the charges will be dropped from your bank account. Unfortunately this also means that you don't get anything you ordered because according to JM they never received any order. Side note: I've gotten the error notice before, and it was because I had put in the wrong billing address. When I fixed it the charge went through.

  3. This happened to me as well. I first tried my debit card twice, thinking it was a mistake, then I tried my credit card and that also was declined twice! So I had 4 total pending charges on my bank account, 2 per card. I started an instant chat with a JewelMint rep on the website and she said it was a result of their new credit card fraud security system put in for "the customer's protection". She said the new system requires your billing address to be EXACTLY what your bank has on file, down to the last comma. She said there was nothing they could do as far as overriding it and that I should call my bank and have them tell me what they have down, which I did and I'm planning to try again (turns out they have my apt # over my street address, weird...) once all the pending charges drop off (two have so far). We'll see, this whole situation is really rather annoying..

  4. Uppdate - I just attempted to purchase again, updating my billing address to EXACTLY what my bank told me they have listed, and it didn't work. Please let us know if they get back to you or if you figure it out.

  5. I also had my credit card decline many times and I fixed my address by replacing the # with apt. For example: 123 E. Lane Rd. #123 replaced with 123 E. Lane Rd. Apt. 123. I was surprise my credit card was accepted and my order processed :)

  6. Think I may cancel my account. Had the problem the other month and they double charged me. Not cool. Sounds Like they can't handle their cc transactions. Thought they had this figured out!!!

  7. Jewelmint sucks, quit while you're ahead. I had way too many problems with them in my short two month membership that I quit. Best decision EVER.

  8. I'm having so many issues with the site. The FAQs are terribly limited, so you can't really use them to find answers. The website's page organization is terrible. I don't know who designed their site's structure, but it was a surprisingly bad job for such a popular service. And when I had issues with not liking the jewelry chosen for me and wanted to take the style quiz again, the support email directed me to a nonexistent link. While I appreciated their Live Chat option, even when I asked a simple question the rep wasn't able to help, simply stating the same solution in different variations. It made me wonder if the site's reps even use their own service, since the woman I spoke to seemed to not comprehend that the steps she was directing me to take weren't working. I really like JewelMint's service, and I want to keep using it, but every time I use the site I come away frustrated.


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