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Sunday, October 2, 2011

JewelMint's October 2011 Collection: The Showroom & Your Purchases!

Photos: JewelMint

I'd like to start off by shouting out a huge "Thanks!" to both JewelMint and Jennifer from TheLooksForLess.com! Friday night's October Twitter Party was an absolute blast and I couldn't have asked for two more awesome co-hosts!

I hope everyone had a great time, and congrats again to all the winners who were chosen at random! Each winner received one JewelMint credit!

"Looks For Jewels" Pre-Party Photo Contest Winner: @MyDressyWays
Check out her winning look here!
1st Party Winner: @gabichan
2nd Party Winner: @lackadisical84
3rd Party Winner: @AngelicWings33
4th Party Winner:

In addition, I really hope you guys enjoyed the $6 Off Promo Code "TWPARTY06" from JewelMint which was valid on all pieces prior to October!

While the October Collection party has come to an end, I also want to say "Happy 1st Anniversary!" to JewelMint. In celebration, JewelMint announced the following on Facebook yesterday:

"Happy Birthday JewelMint! We'll be celebrating all month long with special promotions and best of of all when we hit 1 million fans, we're giving away a year's worth of JewelMint to 12 lucky winners! Tell ALL your friends to like JewelMint on Facebook and join the party!"

I'll be keeping up with all the special promotions and announcements as they post on Facebook, so stay tuned and don't forget to "like" JewelMint on Facebook in order to win big!!!

Last, but never least: I'm thrilled to hear which pieces you guys have picked up so far from October's Collection! It's also always super exciting to get an idea as to which pieces are the most popular and to predict which will be selling out first so please don't forget to participate in my poll below.

My top five picks from this month include the Calla Lilly Rings (they just call my name haha), the Yves Rings, the Empress Necklace, Wonderland Earrings, and From The Heart Rings. Although, ask me again in five minutes and I'll probably have changed my mind due to terrible indecisiveness being that it's sometimes just too hard to decide. :)

xoxo, Lily


  1. Have you heard anything about the Prestige line? I was under the impression the Rosie was being released for October.

  2. i think you forgot a piece lily! the diving belle's! thats what i got

  3. What Happened to the Western Wonder Bracelet that was posted on the twitter party? it doesn't say its for sale and its not in the picture above?

  4. Hi Anonymous! - I haven't heard anything more about the release of the Prestige Line, I'm keeping an eye out this month though. Hoping it is one of those mid-month exclusives.

    Hey Amanda! - The Divine Belle earrings have not been released yet so I kept them out of the collage just in case it is not released this month. Who knows if this or the Western Wonder Bracelet will be the same as the New Heights (released a few days later), the Payal Belle Bracelet (mid-month release), or the Moonbeam Ring (waiting a few months before it popped up as a random mid-month release). So I just played it safe to not add it.

    Cityloveshoes! - Did you receive your credit from the party?? :) I'm wondering the same thing about the Western Wonder! I'm hoping that since JewelMint released the photo, that it will be just like the New Heights that took a few days (was it almost a week?) for it to be released after the main collection for that month.

    I'll do posts about these pieces and send out text alerts as soon as they arrive!

    xo, L

  5. Hey Lily, just a heads up...I'm pretty sure the Diving* Belles have been released. I bought them yesterday, they have an add to cart option, and they do in fact show up in my show room.

  6. omg but i ordered the divine belle earrings?! if they arent out yet whats gonna happen to my order? they already charged me. are they just gonna send me a random piece?! i hope they dont sent me the wonderland earrings i think their so ugly.

  7. Hey again ladies - The Diving Belle Earrings aren't showing up in my showroom for some reason. I tried the backlink prior to posting this at 3am this morning and it wasn't working for me either. I took a closer look just a few minutes ago and figured out what is going on...

    JewelMint has the link set up as jewelmint.com/jewelry/diving-BELL-Earrings instead of BELLE

    This is why I couldn't find them with the backlink either. This is why I believed that they had not been released yet.

    Not to worry anonymous, I'm sure your order is just fine.

    Thanks for the heads up everyone, I'll correct the post shortly!


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