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Friday, October 14, 2011

Rachel Bilson's ShoeMint Sneak Peek!

Photos: ShoeMint

As mentioned last week, Rachel Bilson is the next celebrity to join BeachMint Royalty! According to this PR Release from BeachMint back on June 17th, 2011, BeachMint released a statement with plans to launch two more "verticals by the end of 2011". This, of course, being in addition to JewelMint (2010) and StyleMint (2011).

With BeautyMint launching at the end of October, we are assuming ShoeMint tops off the list for what's yet to come before the end of this year!

Rachels super cute lavender suede platforms (above) were originally spotted on Rachel last week for her visit to Live with Regis and Kelly where she made an appearance to promote her new show, Heart of Dixie.

As of this week, Rachel's shoes can now be seen on ShoeMint.com along with quotes from Rachel herself and her co-designer and real-life stylist Nicole Chavez along with shoe-production extraordinaire Steve Madden!

"It's exciting to launch a collection online with one of my closet friends and stylist, Nicole, as well as with an industry leader like Steve Madden... I have the opportunity to design not just shoes, but the full experience for customers..." - Rachel Bilson, October 6, New York City

"Rachel and I are obsessed with shoes, so ShoeMint is an exciting opportunity for us to create a collection we love for every women's style." -Nicole Chavez, October 6, Los Angeles

"I'm thrilled to be working with BeachMint and a style icon like Rachel Bilson on this new social commerce brand. [Rachel] has that innate, effortless style. I am so excited to design ShoeMint with her." - Steve Madden, October 6, New York City

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xoxo, Lily

P.S. I'm loving the strap across the foot on this heel! While many platform high heels exist on the market, I've always wished that more would be designed with straps to help keep them on! For anyone who has ever tried walking in 5-inch platform pumps with tights on - you know exactly what I mean! :)

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