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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Decide the Fate of JewelMint's Future Headband Set - Vote Now!

First, we decided the fate of the future Baltic Gem Ring. Most recently we voted on JewelMint's latest Refashioned Pin Set. As mentioned in last week's Trend Report, voting for hairpieces (aka headbands) would be held between Nov. 1st through the 8th.

Two of the three following headbands will be available in a future exclusive headband set from JewelMint!

Here are our three options:

JewelMint Gatsby Headband

JewelMint Baltic Gem Headband

JewelMint Savoy Headband

Here are my personal Top 2 Picks:
1) JewelMint's Gatsby Headband
2) JewelMint's Savoy Headband

Current stats:
1st Place - Gatsby Headband
2nd Place - Savoy Headband
3rd Place - Baltic Gem Headband

The Gatsby is currently winning by a landslide, while the Savoy and Baltic Gem Headbands are at a close race for 2nd place. If the Baltic does end up losing, I would still love to own it. How awesome would that be if they included the Baltic Gem Headband and the winning Baltic Gem Ring in a future set? I think that would make for an amazing combination for sure!

We have a less than one week to cast our votes. Voting ends on November 8th at 1pm PST so click here to vote now!

xoxo, Lily

Photos: JewelMint
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