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Friday, November 18, 2011

JewelMint Mail: Introducing Rachel Bilson's ShoeMint - Only a Few Days Left to Earn Pre Launch Rewards!

Photos: ShoeMint

As we all know, ShoeMint is coming soon!!! If it's anything like StyleMint and BeautyMint, we can most likely expect ShoeMint to fully launch prior to the 1st of December!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm super excited for this specific "Mint" to become a reality. Being fans of Rachel's since the good 'ol days of The OC and even now with her newest show Hart of Dixie, a lot of us couldn't be more excited to see Rachel jump on board the Mint train.

I'm also super curious to see if ShoeMint will be bigger than JewelMint! Is that even possible or imaginable nonetheless? While us women are crazy about our jewelry, don't even get us started on shoes. I'm willing to at least bet that ShoeMint and JewelMint will be top two Mint leaders for BeachMint.

It's also crazy to think that ShoeMint will be the second Mint Brand to launch within the last 30 days - Jessica Simpson's BeautyMint launched at the end of last month. With JewelMint just recently celebrating their one-year anniversary in October, the launch of StyleMint back in June, and these two new verticals within the last month of one another...we can only imagine what will be next!

Actually, we do have a clue or two of what is possibly yet to come, but these projects have yet to be officially announced by BeachMint.

But for now we've got ShoeMint to look forward to along with all the future adorable shoes Rachel, her stylist, and Mr. Madden will have to offer!

ShoeMint's first email (ever!) offers some pretty steep discounts on your first pair just for getting friends to sign-up! Here are the details:

Refer 2+ Friends: Get $25 off your first pair
Refer 10+ Friends: Get $40 Off your first pair
Refer 40+ Friends: Get your first pair for only $1!

So go get referring - I want to say this is the best referral deal from any launch I've seen from the "Mints" thus far!

xoxo, JewelsAndMints

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