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Thursday, November 17, 2011

JewelMint Mail: Back in Stock! 4 All-Time Best Sellers - Get Them While You Can! Thank you Stephanie!

Photo: Jewelmint

A super huge thanks to Stephanie for sending me an email this morning in regards to today's releases!

Well, I guess this confirms the "official" release of the Rosie Necklace and the Knot Without You Set. A few days ago these pieces were briefly released for an hour or two, but the links were pulled down shortly thereafter.

Additionally, today's email announces a  re-release of the Renegade Necklace and three new pieces including the following:

Silver Swan Bracelet

Cleopatra Reborn Earrings

Blanc Bomb Ring

I'm personally in love with the Blanc Bomb Ring, Rosie Necklace, and the new Silver Swan Bracelet!!!

The Knot Without You Set is nice, but I just don't think it's for me. The Cleopatra Reborn Earrings seem more like spring/summer to me, so I'll be passing on those too. I'm all about winter glam jewels right now! :)

Which of these pieces will you be picking up today? Are you impressed with JewelMint's new line of prestige fine jewelry or will you be passing?

xoxo, Lily
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You can find the following pieces on JewelMint.com:
Blanc Bomb Ring
Knot Without You Set - New Prestige Piece
Rosie Necklace - New Prestige Piece
Silver Swan Bracelet


  1. I really like the silver swan bracelet and I think the blanc bomb looks better than the aqua bomb, and the silver version of the earrings-more winter appropriate!

  2. Lily, the Chain Reaction Earrings have also been restocked! No idea why they didn't mention it in the email, but I found them last night when I was checking my "show me more" for re-stocks or other new pieces which by the way I'm super annoyed with because it no longer just shows you all of the pieces that are currently available that aren't in your showroom yet. It only shows you other pieces they recommend for you. Well at least this is one piece I can check off of my long list of restocks I've been waiting forever for!

    Picked up Chain Reaction, Cleopatra Reborn, and Blanc Bomb, but decided to wait a week or two before getting Silver Swan and Friendship Bracelets especially since there's no promo codes working right now. SER25, WHAT, AEREE, BOGO50, B2G1FREE, and TGIF20 are all expired.


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