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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Pieces from JewelMint's Prestige Line Makes a Brief Debut! Thank you Val!

*UPDATE* This post was scheduled to post on 11/16.

A super huge thanks to Val for sending me an email a few days ago in regards to a brief release of two pieces from JewelMint's highly-anticipated, prestige line of fine jewelry.

Apparently, here is what happened. According to Val, these pieces were made available for purchase for an hour or two before being listed as sold out. These two items included the following:

The Rosie Necklace
The Knot Without You Set

While the links are now showing as "error" pages, we're only left to speculate two things: Either the releases were an accident or these brief releases occurred in limited-quantities to get us even more hyped up!

The question is now, will Jewel be re-releasing these pieces anytime soon? Well, I contacted JewelMint and was told that we should have received an email notification about the Rosie and Knot Without You Set Release a few days ago. I never received an email though. Did any of you receive this email? I was also told by the CS Representative that she thinks they will re-release the items again depending on customer demand.

I'm still left wondering if the release was an accident (hence the pulled links), and if an email ever was sent out to anyone...?

xoxo, Lily

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