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Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Mint is the New Black" Set - Today's JewelMint Daily Holiday Deal is Here!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Yesterday JewelMint launched their new Holiday Daily Deals staring with their new Vampire Romance Set! Today's set is "Mint is the New Black"!

We had a little fun over at JewelMint's Facebook page with the name! ;) JewelMint is giving away one free piece of jewelry to the person who names who guessed the name correctly!

This set includes the Victorian Charmer Necklace and the Ever Frost Ring.

To get 20% off this limited edition set (expires tomorrow at 9am PST) use Promo Code: NEW20

Click here to find it now on JewelMint.com! 
This set is already listed as "Almost Sold Out", I'm assuming due to limited quantities available.

xoxo, Lily

If you're new to JewelMint, click here
 to sign up!

P.S. Sorry everyone, s
pecial text notifications will not be sent out for these holiday daily deals. I personally sponsor these text messages and sending them out on a daily basis for these specific daily deals will become very costly, very quickly. All other important texts will continue to be sent. Thank you for understanding!

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  1. CHow do I sign up for the texts?



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