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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Need a New Place to Post? The JewelMint Jabber Discussion Forum is Here!

In light of yesterday's discussion boards "take-down" over on Facebook, I received an email from a friend -Hi Avery!- that made me realize that it was time to move forward with the stand-alone discussion forum I've been contemplating for some time.

While Facebook's discussion boards were fabulous, a lot of people are left to wonder where they went. In a nutshell, Facebook has ultimately decided to remove this feature without any future plans of bringing it back.

With this, I remembered a discussion platform I found a few months back that not only provided an ease of use, but was also trustworthy being that anyone can use their other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo, AOL, Google, etc. to connect.

While I know it is not the same as JewelMint's Facebook Discussion Board, I'm hoping some of you will find it helpful.

Some of the featured forums include a general discussion board, a styling board, a place to love & gripe, and another trade market where we everyone can buy or sell both JewelMint & non-JewelMint-related items!

Click here to get started or to browse! It's completely free for all to use! See you there! :)

xoxo, Lily

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