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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011 - The Weekly JewelMint Exchange: Buy, Sell, Trade!

Hey it's not Sunday!!! Nope. I've just been super swamped with things in life that I've allowed the last exchange on the 23rd of October work some overtime. ;)

So without further ado, here's a fresh new trade post for those of you looking to trade, buy, or sell your current pieces. xo, L

P.S. Thanks for the heads up Avery!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Ready, set, exchange! This is a weekly Sunday night post for those looking to buy, sell, or trade JewelMint! 

Is there a  piece you missed out on? A piece that just didn't work out for you that needs a new loving home? Or, a piece you're willing to trade for something else?

The Weekly JewelMint Exchange is a *weekly* post that will post every Sunday evening for you to post JewelMint items you are looking to buy, sell or trade across the board. Make sure to check back each week for new user listings! Or, take a look back through the weekly trade archives here to see recent listings you may have missed.

Here's how it works:
1. Begin your post with: Looking to sell, looking to trade, or looking to find.
2. List your items (including accurate descriptions, if necessary, such as "new", "used", or "altered").
3. Please don't forget to include an email address for contact.

Happy trading!

xoxo, Lily
Click here for the official rules for safe trading, etc.

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  1. Up for Trade:
    Lost Treasure Bracelet and Pebble Earrings


  2. I have for sale/trade:

    Pebble Earrings
    Silver Zip Bracelet
    Morning Rain Earrings
    Lost Treasure Necklace
    Sea Breeze Earrings
    Isis Earrings
    Windsor Set

    Looking for:

    Midnight Rain Earrings (Make me an offer I want these SO BADLY!)
    Lost City Necklace
    Golden Goose Bracelet

    Email me at atblyskal@yahoo.com!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looking to Sell or Trade:
    Paramour Necklace-BNIB
    Pebble Earrings-BNIB


  4. Up for trade:

    Steampunk earrings

  5. I have for sale the following items, the price includes shipping as well:

    Dahlia Blossom Ring (Size 6) $20

    Piet Necklace $20

    Beechwood Pendant $20

    If interested email me at ksargen10@gmail.com. I will provide photos of the pieces as well. Thanks so much!

  6. Up for Trade/Sell
    - Pebble Earrings + $5 off coupon

    Looking For:
    - Humanity Bracelet
    - Poseidon Pendant

    email: lilyk.nguyen@yahoo.com

  7. Up for trade
    -Steampunk Earrings
    -Urban Warrior Ring

    Looking for: Sienna Bracelet

  8. Looking to trade/sell:
    Paramour necklace BNIB $20 (shipping + confirm)
    Silver Zip bracelet $15 (I’ll throw in the 5$off code too)

    Or trade for:
    Savoy bracelet
    Birdcage bangle
    Mystic falls earrings
    Lunar blue necklace
    Pearl fleur earrings

    OPEN to offers, email me thuylinhn@gmail.com

    1. please delete items SOLD THX

  9. Looking to Sell or Trade:

    Empress Necklace, comes with the box, never worn!

    Please email: lnacyb@hotmail.com

  10. Looking to Trade the black swan cuff and steam punk earrings (both new in box) for:

    pomander necklace
    sealed with love (will trade both for this necklace)
    vanguard necklace
    victorian charmer
    world's end earrings

    please email elena.thefashionista@gmail.com if interested :)

  11. Looking to trade Morning rain earrings new in box for pebble earrings or empress necklace or Victorian charmer

  12. Looking to TRADE or SELL (please make offer)
    Pebble Earrings BNIB
    Urban Warrior Ring (Adjustable size) BNIB


  13. >>>>>Looking to BUY:<<<<<
    - Silver Zip Bracelet
    - Bronze Zip Bracelet
    - Aqua Bomb Ring
    - Humanity Bracelet

    Please email me on: emilyycharlotte@hotmail.com

  14. Looking to trade:
    -Morning Rain Earrings BNIB
    -Lost Treasure Bracelet BNIB

    Looking for:
    -Lovers' Locket
    -Pharaoh Bracelets
    -Rachel Earrings
    -Celtic Charm Rings

    Please email me at simply.glim@gmail.com

  15. Looking for Sealed with Love Necklace!!!

    Please email me at eugenia_chan@yahoo.ca

  16. Looking to BUY:

    i'm also happy to buy it off you, if you get it off jewelmint for me and then i will pay for shipping. Because as I live in Australia, jewelmint wont ship there! Thankyou

    Please email me at: emilyycharlotte@hotmail.com

  17. BNIB steampunk earrings available for trade. I'm mainly looking for santa fe sunset earrings, calla lily earrings, neo bedrock size 8 or credit but let me know if there is anything else you'd like to trade. PM/e-mail if you are interested in a trade!:) magpanagopoulos@hotmail.com

  18. I am looking to trade/sell these pieces:

    Rachel Earrings
    Black Swan Cuff
    Encore Necklaces
    Isis Earrings
    Empress Necklace
    Paramour Necklace
    Lost Treasure Bracelet

    Open to any trades. Looking to sell them around $25-$30 plus shipping.

    Email: sasha_fauxheart@yahoo.com

    Thank you!!

  19. Selling Gatsby, Lost Treasure, Paramour Necklace, Zip Bracelets (bronze & silver), Steampunk, Black Swan Cuff (all BRAND NEW) - msg me at miragejlf4@hotmail.com
    Retail $210, willing to see all 7 pieces together for $150, $11 s/h


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