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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Winner: JewelMint's Savoy Headband vs. Baltic Gem Headband!

Photos: JewelMint

Last week, the battle was on between JewelMint's latest headpieces that will be making a debut soon! There were three pieces to choose from, of which two would make it into final production!

The contenders? The Gatsby Headband, Savoy Headband, and Baltic Gem Headbands.

The Gastby Headband was a shoo-in. Throughout this past week, Gatsby held the lead with hundreds of more votes than either the Savoy or the Baltic Gem.

If you've been watching the contest over on JewelMint's Facebook page, you know just how close the race actually was between the Savoy and Baltic. As of last night, there were less than ten votes separating the two. As of earlier this morning, there were even fewer votes separating second and third place.

As of 1pm PST today, the final votes were displayed.

The top two winners are....
1st Place with 700 votes: JewelMint's Gastby Headband
2nd Place with 336 votes: JewelMint's Savoy Headband

Sorry Baltic...
3rd Place with 332 votes: JewelMint's Baltic Gem Headband

It seriously came down to 4 votes! 4 VOTES! That's craziness. To me, this only means they should just make all three available for us to purchase. ;)

Hopefully the Gatsby and Savoy Headbands will be available prior to the holidays! I'd just love to wear the Gatsby for New Years!

xoxo, Lily
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