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Monday, December 12, 2011

Confessions of a Jewelaholic: Tips on How to Score Your Exclusive Reserve Favorites on Wednesday, December 14th!

Photo: ecouterre.com / Touchstone Pictures - Confessions of a Shopaholic

Being a huge fan of sample sale sites such as HauteLook, Gilt Group, and Rue La La, there are a few tips and tricks to scoring what you want when quantities are limited. As for JewelMint's upcoming Exclusive Reserve Sale, some of my favorite sample sale tips still apply and a game plan for the big day (December 14th) could be the difference between scoring those Cosmopolitan Drops and dropping the ball.

While it may seem a little silly to have a 'game plan' in an attempt to score all those favorite JewelMint pieces you've missed out on, this is some serious stuff! If you're a girl who loves her JewelMint (like myself), you know just how exciting this exclusive reserve sale is and just how cutthroat this event will be!

I mean, could you actually imagine if this sale were taking place in a physical location? It would be absolute insanity. On the other hand, makes you wonder if all the site traffic on Wednesday could actually cause the site to crash. We're talking exclusive (possibly last-to-be-seen pieces) here - a site crash honestly wouldn't surprise me at all! For the sake of all of our jewelry boxes, let's hope this doesn't happen. :)

So without further ado, here are a few tips I'm sharing with you to keep in mind come 6pm & 8pm PST on Wednesday, December 14th!

Tip 1 - Remember that shipping on all JewelMint items is FREE

Use this to your advantage by placing multiple orders, especially on the first one, two, or three items you know will be available in extremely limited quantities. If you can narrow down one specific must-have item on your list, snag it and check out - fast! I'll go into detail below listing the current availability for each specific piece as a reference to help you to...

Tip 2 - Make a list and check it twice!

Write out a list of the pieces you know you want in the order of importance. Next to each piece, notate the current availability of each piece to help you then rearrange the list based on what will most likely be first to sell out. Lastly, keep this information in mind to help you determine the sequence of your purchasing. Having this final list handly will help you to stay on track and hopefully help to ease your nerves knowing you have a plan. It may also help to...

Tip 3 - Gather your codes - if they're allowed.

While the email (here) didn't specify anything about the use or non-use of promo codes, you may still want to be prepared and gather your codes just in case they are allowed. This is especially important if you have multiple one-time use promo codes you plan on using during the event. Write your codes down or type them out for easy copying and pasting. Fumbling for your codes at the last minute could hold you up at checkout. And even though you may have codes you may even want to...

Tip 4 - Determine if using codes on multiple purchases outweighs the risk of missing an item.

As stated in Tip #1, placing immediate orders on the most rare pieces could be a strategic move. However, if you spend too much time placing multiple orders for the sake of using multiple promo codes (especially those one-time use codes), it could set you back in terms of items selling out faster than you can enter a code and finalizing your check-out. By the time you enter your codes, the item(s) may already be gone, as in snagged by someone else who was faster. One alternative could be to hold off on using any one-time use codes for items with a higher availability - while this doesn't guarantee you will still score an item, the time saved could help you get one of those pieces that have only 2 or 3 in stock.  Again, this is only applicable if promo codes are allowed for reserve pieces. Prevent another hold up by...

Tip 5 - Making sure all your account information is up-to-date.

Prior to the event, make sure your shipping information, billing address, and all other info is accurate and up-to-date. This will make for a quick checkout and less fumbling during all the frenzy! Also, don't forget...

Tip 6 - You may still get a second chance.

For qualifying members that will have exclusive "first dibs" on the first half of the event, know that just because you missed out on some of the items in the first half, the second half of the event will begin at 8pm PST. At this time, the second half of all the pieces will be fair game for everyone! Cross out any of the items you scored during the first half and, if necessary, rearrange your list for the second half of the event. And last but not least...

Tip 7 - Know the availability of each Exclusive Reserve piece.

Below please find links to the lists I've compiled of all the pieces that are currently on the Exclusive Reserves list and their current availability. Use these lists to help you get your shopping game plan (as mentioned above) ready for action!

(Side note: Prior to the finalization of this post and the list below, it seems as though JewelMint has made the available quantities listed to be less specific. For example, a couple hours ago the Celestial Wreath Necklace was showing as 2 available in stock. It's now showing that "less than 10" are available. While this kind of hinders the shopping 'game plan' idea a little bit, I guess we'll just have to work with what we now have.)

Exclusive Reserves Availability:
JewelMint Exclusive Reserves List - Alphabetized
JewelMint Exclusive Reserves List - By Availability

How will you be gearing up for JewelMint's Exclusive Reserve sale on Wednesday 12/14? Which pieces are on your must-haves list? Will you be using of these tips? Do you have any additional tips of your own?

xoxo, Lily
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P.S. Join us live here on JewelsAndMints.com on Wednesday, December 14th staring at 5pm PST to chat live about JewelMint's Exclusive Reserve Event! See you there!


  1. Codes are NOT allowed - it says so on the site linked from the email. "These items are not eligible for discounts, returns, or exchanges. In addition, you may not purchase more than one item of the same name." Anyway, taking time to enter a code will probably make you miss out on a piece!

    Great tips! I have 3 pieces I want... a definite #1, #2, and #3. My #1 has less than 10 available (I'm assuming that means less than 10 at each timeslot, so less than 20 total) so I am definitely checking out with that first! The others have more than 20 available. If you know what you want it seems like checking out only takes a few seconds. Good luck everyone!

  2. Hi Lily,
    You put In the Rough in the "Less Than Ten" category, but they have it listed now as "More Than Twenty"
    Thanks again for all your work, our own Intrepid Reporter!


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