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Monday, December 12, 2011

JewelMint's Exclusive Reserves: Rare Pieces Available Starting at 6pm PST on 12/14 - Do You Qualify for Exclusive First Acess?

Photo: JewelMint

JewelMint released an email this afternoon to select members announcing the new exclusive reserves system becoming a reality! Starting at 6pm PST on Wednesday, December 14th the reserves will be available for qualifying members and will then open to all members starting at 8pm PST!

So how will JewelMint's new reserve system work?
"Exclusive Reserves are new-condition pieces that are now out-of-stock . We have at most a few dozen of each that we saved for the purposes of exchanges or returns. Most of these pieces will never be available ever again. We plan to offer a half of these items first to valued JewelMint members and to those who have wait listed, and then offer the other half to everyone else. These items are not eligible for discounts, returns, or exchanges. In addition, you may not purchase more than one item of the same name."

Who is eligible to purchase first? 
"Current JewelMint subscribers who have been members for a certain amount of months or members who have purchased over a certain number of products. In addition, current members who have wait-listed for one of these items before December 8th will receive access to these at 6:00 PM PST."

The schedule:
Wednesday, 12/14 6pm PST
First half of Exclusive Reserve inventory available for:
  • Wait List members for those pieces
  • Long time JewelMint subscribers
  • Members who have purchased a certain number of pieces
Wednesday, 12/14 8pm PST
Second half of Exclusive Reserve inventory is open to all members.
Click here to log in to see if your account qualifies for the first half of the event and to browse the selection before it becomes available!

Additionally, if you plan on purchasing any of the items from the exclusive reserves, a "game plan" may be in order. Stay tuned for more information on how you can help prepare scoring all those items on your wishlist!


  1. AAAAAAH! i NEED the orbin and pharaoh items!! <3

  2. Lily - Thank you so much for posting this! I didn't receive an email, but I checked my status and I can now go on at 6 pm on Wednesday! Thank you thank you!


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