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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Refashions to Recolors: JewelMint's New Rachel Emerald Earrings & Topaz Palace Dome Ring!

We've seen the Rachel Earrings make quite a transition over the past couple weeks here. We start from the original Amethyst stone in a gold setting, to a blush and silver setting, and now to an emerald stone in hematite!

JewelMint Rachel Rose Earrings

JewelMint's Original Rachel Earrings

JewelMint's New Rachel Emerald Earrings
Description: Originally curated by actress Rachel Bilson, these sophisticated favorites get a dose of dark magic with a new hematite finish. A multifaceted emerald green stone embraces a timeless glamour that feels every bit modern. Slip on this 1 ¼” pair, and flaunt your feminine power and grace with this daring hue.

I love how the simple changes in color really make these earrings take on a whole new vibe. While I will forever love my original Rachel Earrings in amethyst and gold, my second favorite is definitely emerald.

Click here to find the new Rachel Emerald Earrings on JewelMint.com. 

As for the Topaz Palace Dome Ring, this is one we've been waiting for! The original Rose Palace Dome Ring was nice, but a little too pink for my taste. However, the glow of the new recolored topaz ring is stunning. I also believe the gold-toned ring and the softness of the surrounding gems really makes this ring look expensive.

Take a look...

JewelMint's Rose Palace Dome Ring

JewelMint Topaz Palace Dome Ring

You'll also notice a difference in the stone itself. The cabochon stone on the Rose Palace Dome Ring is etched, whereas the Topaz Palace Dome Ring's is smooth.

Topaz Palace Dome Ring
Description: Welcome to the new stone age of glitz, glamour, and shine. This opulent gold-plated cocktail ring radiates with a large topaz glass cabochon. Light topaz, topaz, and champagne crystal details give this knockout brilliant finishing touches. Be bejeweled, and make this piece your next show stopping jewelry addition.

Click here to find the Topaz Palace Dome Ring on JewelMint.com.

Check it out in the new video...

Which do you love more? The Rose Palace Dome Ring or the Topaz Palace Dome Ring? The original Rachel Earrings, Rachel Rose Earrings, or the new Rachel Emerald Earrings?

xoxo, Lily
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