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Saturday, February 4, 2012

JewelMint Lovers' Locket Photos + Sweetheart & Lovers Headband Sketch! | Written Review

It's not hard to see why everyone (myself included) adores JewelMint's Lovers' Locket from the coveted February 2011 collection.

This necklace is super easy to style, and it's antique gold finish has a timeless and romantic feel. Although this necklace is a classic piece, you can easily make it your own whether your style is relaxed, trendy, preppy, indie, or whatever. From flowy floral dress, to cable knit sweaters, to leather jackets and jeans, this piece is surely one that anyone can pull off. I also like where this locket hits - just a few inches above the belly button, and the Y part of the necklace separates at the middle of the chest.

There seriously hasn't been a time when I've been out and someone hasn't asked me about the necklace. Most comments are about how unique the Y shape is as most lockets are usually seen dangling from a single chain. Besides being asked where I purchased it from, the second most asked question is if the locket actually opens. Why of course it does! :)

Two magnets on the inside of the locket is how this locket stays securely closed. As for the inside of the locket (and mentioned in my video review), you will notice there are no prongs or clasps to secure a small photo inside of the locket. However, this can easily be done with scrapbooking dots, such as these here.

In the my last video review post of the Lovers' Locket, I mentioned how I would not only love to see JewelMint bring this piece back, but how a complete refashion of this necklace would be fun! While it is quite obvious that this necklace would look gorgeous as mini locket earrings or even a bracelet charm, I've come up with something a little bit less traditional. So in honor of Valentine's Day, I've sketched my own Sweetheart and Lovers Headband!

Sweethearts and Lovers Headband sketch

I imagine this headband being made of gold metal with a brushed antique finish. The Lovers' Locket would be the centerpiece and is surrounded by two Sweetheart Ring charms. Instead of the usual bright brushed gold finish on the Sweetheart charms, it would be brushed antique gold to match. While the headband in the sketch looks a little too thick, I would probably scale that down a bit for a more of a romantic and delicate feel to the overall headband itself.

What do you think? Would you wear a headband like this from JewelMint if one existed? How else would you like to see the Lovers' Locket refashioned?

xoxo, Lily
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1 comment:

  1. I want this necklace to come back into stock sooooooo badly! Luv your pictures and your drawing of the headband. They should make it ^..^


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