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Monday, February 27, 2012

Modern Love: JewelMint's February 2012 Friendship Bracelets Have Arrived!

Photo: JewelMint

JewelMint's third set of Friendship Bracelets is here! JewelMint's first two sets came in November and December of last year - I wonder what happened to January's set? Ah well, we're just excited to see them back again and in some fun, bright new colors that are perfect for spring!

This assortment reminds me of a bouquet of spring flowers!

JewelMint's Modern Love Friendship Bracelets - February 2012
Description: Our set of red, blush, and magenta bracelets symbolizes devotion, passion, and dedication, respectively. Each 7 ½” wax thread design includes 1” extender and link detail. Personalized cards make it easy to keep one and share two with your BFFs! JewelMint will donate $1 of each purchase to the women’s empowerment organization I Am That Girl.

Find JewelMint's New Modern Love Friendship Bracelets here!

So tell me, will you be sharing these with your friends or keeping them all for yourself? As much I'm totally capable of sharing, I'm personally feeling a little greedy over these ones! ;) How about you?

Check out JewelMint's past and present Friendship Bracelet Collections here!

xoxo, Lily
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