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Saturday, March 10, 2012

All Members: $15 Any Piece from JewelMint & Groupon! See Details...

Photo: Groupon

A super huge thank you to Renee for sharing this new JewelMint Groupon deal!
Click here to get it!

New and Existing Members:

Get any or all of the following pieces for only $15 from JewelMint & Groupon:

  • Bird Cage Bangle
  • Love Spell Pendant
  • Here to Eternity Set
  • Mod World Bangles
  • Rose Thorn Earrings
  • Cristo Earrings
  • Mademoiselle Earrings
  • Persephone Pendant.

Yep, you read that right! Even the new Rose Thorn Earrings and Cristo Earrings are available for only $15! Both the Love Spell Pendant and Rose Thorn earrings are listed as 'Sold Out' right now on JewelMint's site, but you can get either now with this deal.

These are available nationwide as a part of Groupon's Goods (but you don't have to live in that city to score the deal - all the deals are linked as one)! Here's where you can get it:

Click here for this $15 Any Piece JewelMint Groupon (ends 3/11)

New to Groupon? Click here to sign-up. Find a new JewelMint Groupon or another JewelMint Promo Code? Let us know by sending an email at jewelsandmints@gmail.com. I'll be sure to thank you!

xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!

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