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Saturday, March 3, 2012

JewelMint Switches to Facebook's "Not-So-Popular" Timeline Layout | Hint: You Can Change It!

Photo: JewelMint

As if I weren't already cross-eyed enough being I'm on my computer WAYYY too much these days, Facebook will soon be making it mandatory that all pages now switch to the timeline layout, supposedly by the end of March. This also means JewelsAndMints Facebook page will be undergoing this change soon as well.

JewelMint recently opted to make the switch over to Timeline this past week with mixed opinions. You can read the recent comments on their Facebook page to see that while the change will be mandatory, timeline is not necessarily very popular amongst fans.

While I am definitely not a fan of Facebook's timeline, it seems as if its here to stay. Or is it?

If you're feeling overwhelmed with Timelines clutter, then try Social Fixer! It's a free browser extension that gives you the option to view Facebook's Timeline differently that I found online this past week. I personally have mine set up to show all Timeline posts in only one scroll-down column instead of two.

At the very least, this can help us ease into the change and makes things a little more organized. You can even change your view of your Timeline profile or page with Facebook's old layout. Best part, you can always easily disable it or delete the browser extension completely if it isn't for you.

Click here to check out Social Fixer's site!

xoxo, Lily
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