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Saturday, March 3, 2012

If JewelMint's Charleston Earrings Were a Ring...

One of my favorite pairs of earrings from JewelMint are undoubtedly the Charleston Earrings. I was flipping through InStyle's March 2012 issue during checkout the other day to find what I first thought was a new JewelMint refashion of these earrings.

Instead, it was a beautiful amethyst and diamond Charleston-esque ring by Deborah Pagani for only...well, $6,976!

I guess if I had that kind of money laying around I wouldn't think twice about picking this ring up. Unfortunately, I've done the math and that ends up being approximately 233 pieces of JewelMint or 466 pieces if your big on the buy one, get one free promos...so I think I'll have to pass this one up. ;)

On the other hand, this ring should inspire JewelMint to refashion their own version of the Charleston Earrings into a ring - don't you think?

xoxo, Lily
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In the meantime, I found a few pieces online that are reminiscent of JewelMint's Charleston Earrings in ring form...

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