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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

JewelMint's Exclusive Reserves Sale - Part 2 & New Restocks!

Photo: JewelMint

You read that right! Part 2 of JewelMint's Exclusive Reserves Sale starts tomorrow over on Facebook at 4pm PST! More will be added everyday starting at 4pm PST through March 31st.

I'm assuming the RULES may be somewhat similar to the last exclusive reserves sale (hopefully minus the you've-been-a-member-longer-therefore-you-get-first-access part):

"Exclusive Reserves are new-condition pieces that are now out-of-stock . We have at most a few dozen of each that we saved for the purposes of exchanges or returns. Most of these pieces will never be available ever again. These items are not eligible for discounts, returns, or exchanges. In addition, you may not purchase more than one item of the same name."

It should be interesting to see how this reserves sale goes. The first reserves sale was a little rough in my opinion, okay a lot rough. I did have first access, but it just didn't seem fair to me. That's why I'm hoping that this time will be a first come, first serve basis for everyone.

I am also a little concerned though as shopping in the Facebook shop can be too slow and glitchy for me from time to time, that's why I typically refrain from using it. The frustration, however, does outweigh the fact that we can get our hands on some awesome last-chance pieces so we'll take what we can get! So let the ciaos begin! :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The following pieces are back in stock as well!
Calla Lilly Earrings
Night Owl Necklace

xoxo, Lily
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