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Friday, March 30, 2012

JewelMint's Golden Ticket Announcement: "Open for Prize Details"

Sure enough, I was one of many of you who received a 10% off promo code with my recent Golden Ticket Promotion package. Although I was unaware of its contents up until the last possible day to enter the Golden Ticket "Redo", I emailed JewelMint's customer care to re-enter the contest and to receive my free credit. The deadline to re-enter the contest was this past Tuesday (3/27) at 11:59pm PST.

Within about 12 hours, I was contacted by one of JewelMint's customer service reps who assured me that my concerns would be forwarded to management. Additionally, a credit was immediately added to my account.

As JewelMint promised, emails are now circulating to all participants in regards to the contest and winnings! Here's what my email states:

Valued JewelMint Customer Lily,

Thank you for your continued understanding regarding our Golden Ticket promotion. We appreciate your communication and your loyalty to our brand, and we've taken your feedback into consideration. As promised, each member who submitted their order number to our Customer Care Department was re-entered into the promotion and awarded their prize according to the posted breakdown.

Your unique Golden Ticket code(s) is: ______________

To redeem your prize, please log in to your JewelMint account, and click on “MY CREDITS” in the top right corner. Click “REDEEM HERE” and enter your Golden Ticket code.

As promised, there will also be an additional gift (a special discount code), which we will send out next week, so please keep your eyes on your inbox!

We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent customer service and an outstanding shopping experience.

Many thanks!

JewelMint Customer Care

I'm just happy that everything has been sorted out, although I'm still not sure what will happen to those who may not have been aware of the promo's redo? I'm guessing JewelMint will take care of them one way or another.

As for what I received as my prize? I received 4 additional credits tonight, which was a very nice surprise.

What did you receive as your additional Golden Ticket Prize(s)? Are you happy with the outcome of the Golden Ticket redo? Do you think all future promos will go a lot smoother from this point forward?

xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!


  1. I got one credit.. of course I would have liked more, but I'm not complaining because it was fair this time around! I'm just glad that JM appears to have followed through on the original prize distribution percentages, judging by the amount of three-or-mores on the Facebook page right now. Can't wait to see what everyone is planning on spending their credits on in the chat tomorrow night!

  2. I got 3 credits, so I'm more than happy for myself. It seems the prizes were in fact distributed as promised, and then we all got an extra credit (I hope) when we first emailed, so it turned out to be better than first promised.

    I have mixed feelings. While JM made good on their promises w/ those in the know (i.e. those of us who were incessantly checking FB), I saw occasional comments from some people who are not frequent posters, like "I was supposed to send an email? I didn't know." There are also people who don't use FB at all (gasp!), too. Since there was no official announcement, those people wouldn't even know to complain, if they are not the type to complain. So legally, I don't believe all participants will have been included when it's all said and done.

    The other thing that still bothers me is the fact it seems like none of this re-do would have happened if people like Chee hadn't *really* spoken up... It took some campaigning to get to this point, and it shouldn't have been that difficult.

    Like I said, I'm happy about what I got, but I feel a little selfish and unfair. It seems like those who are vocal in SNS got handsomely rewarded; those people would be happy, so "the buzz" is good. But to me a good company treats all their customers fairly and abide by the rules they write.

  3. I received 2 credits, and I thank you here for alerting me to the problem; I'm not on Facebook and didn't receive my purchase until this past Thursday, meaning had I not read about it here, I wouldn't have received anything at all.

  4. That's awesome. I didn't receive any email for the GT redo, even though I contacted CS on Monday, well before the Tuesday midnight PST deadline, and I received an email back stating that my two orders would be re-entered into the new drawing. Now Sarah JewelMint is sending everyone who did not receive an email as promised a sugar-coated cut-and-pasted response when they private message her asking about it:

    "Thank you kindly for your patience. I have forwarded your information to management. All the golden ticket winners have received their emails. Everyone that contacted us from the original drawing receiving the 10% discount only was re-entered in the Golden Ticket Redo. Unfortunately not everyone can win the grand prize – Hope to see you around for our next contest!!
    Thank you for being a jewelmint customer! Have a fabulous weekend

    Hey, speaking of that "Grand Prize" - whatever happened to that $2000 shopping spree Grand Prize that was supposed to be awarded from this promotion?

  5. I am a sylemint customer who recieved xxxxxxx for a code. I contacted customer service and recieved a phone call with a code I can use for the promo. I attempted to use the code and It dosen't work :( I left customer service a message. We shall see. I recieved 3 credits for Jewelmint and I am very satisfied. I would have been with one credit, but two more is very nice!

  6. I got the same copy-and-paste response from Sarah today. No email was sent yesterday about the GT re-do. I did receive an email verifying I was to be re-entered - but now this. I find it really interesting that your email states the original breakdown was to be followed, but now Sarah's response says otherwise.

  7. Sorry - i meant your email states the breakdown HAD been followed, when apparently it has not.

  8. @Unknown & @gingersnap: Sorry you had an unpleasant experience :-( Considering their track record I have no doubt there were some mistakes made on JM's part, but did you check your Spam folder? Sometimes when the subject line contains words like "prize" that could trigger your mail program's spam filter.

  9. Yes, I checked my spam folder throughout the day and the email didn't show up there either. They just didn't send anything. Sarah JewelMint confirmed a lot of people didn't receive anything. I'm totally disappointed in JewelMint at this point. :(

    1. That is really too bad :( Sorry to hear that.

  10. I checked spam, too. Nothing. According to Facebook, it's a bunch of us, too.

  11. Looking at the FB wall, it seems there are still quite a few of you who didn't receive an email or a satisfactory/uniform answer - I'm sorry. Seems like Charles JM tells you to email CS if you didn't receive an email, & Sarah JM tells you you weren't meant to get an email? Confusing. I hope this gets cleared up soon, but if it doesn't, maybe you could email Jose Martinez, Director of Customer Care at Beachmint (jose@beachmint.com) - maybe that'll bring out the elusive "Carl JewelMint."



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