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Saturday, March 24, 2012

JewelMint's Golden Ticket...Uh-Oh?

Photo: JewelMint

I'm not really sure what to make of what is happening right now over on JewelMint's Facebook Page regarding this so-called 'golden ticket controversy'.

If you're just tuning in, it's being alleged by a few customers who have already received their JewelMint Golden Ticket promos that they received a 10% off promo codes as their free gift with purchase.

I went back to look at the promo email sent out last Friday - as seen in this post here. JewelMint's Golden Ticket Promo email clearly stated the following:

Today's Your Lucky Day!
Get a Bonus Gift with Every Purchase You Make
Bonus Gifts Include:
Up at 5 FREE JewelMint Credits
Best-Selling JewelMint Pieces
Popular Name Brand Electronics

As for the official rules? Here's the excerpt stating how the golden tickets and free pieces would be distributed:

Photo: BeachMint

This chart clearly demonstrates that 100% of all purchases should include a Golden Ticket for at least 1 free piece of jewelry.

While I have yet to receive my Golden Ticket JewelMint order, I'm a little concerned about the possibility of receiving only a 10% off promo code as some are alleging.

You see, I've been blogging about JewelMint for over a year now, and I too was clearly under the assumption that I would be receiving at least one Golden Ticket for a free piece as the email and rules state. This deal was too good to pass up!

If it is, in fact, true that some of the free gifts are to only include a 10% off promo code, I can't even begin to imagine
the wrath of fury that could follow - in a way, the panic has already started with threats by some of reporting their issues to the Better Business Bureau (yikes)! I personally don't recommend doing this until you've given JewelMint the chance to address and correct your issue.

I would also recommend asking to speak to a manager if you feel you are unhappy with the response you receive from a customer service rep. In my experience, there have been times where I've gone around in circles with online service reps - in one case, I was talking in circles with a service rep for almost an hour. It was only until I gave up on the chat and called in to speak with a manager that my issues were finally resolved. However,
If you're still not satisfied with the outcome you receive from any business, then essentially that is what the BBB is for.

Additionally, the email stated that all items would ship on Tuesday 3/20. My item finally shipped yesterday - Friday 3/23. A bit odd though that I received four separate emails stating that my order had shipped. Guess I'll have to see what arrives next week. Until then, I'm crossing my fingers that everyone will still receive their (at least) one free piece that was advertised in the promotion.

If in actuality there has been a mistake made on BeachMint's part, it may be a good idea for them to address it - in email form - before things get out of hand like it did back on September 9th in regards to billing glitches (mentioned in this post here). In that instance, an initial apology was issued on Facebook, and an apology email finally followed a few days later.

I really do understand that mistakes can happen, on the other hand, patience is something that can easily wear thin over time. In the meantime, I'll try not to stress to much about it until we really know what's going on. I'm sure more about this possible issue will unfold in the next few days to come...

My questions to you are:
Did you receive a 10% off Golden Ticket as your Free Gift?
Are you still waiting for your Golden Ticket Promo to arrive?
If so, what is your reaction to this possible issue?
Will you be upset if your Golden Ticket doesn't include at least 1 Free JewelMint Piece?

xoxo, Lily
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  1. Mine shipped yesterday as well, and it's a normal weight for one piece. Same with my StyleMint order. :(

  2. I will be very disappointed if we aren't given something in return...free credits were promised, that's what should appear in our accounts ASAP.

  3. Mine was a normal weight for one piece as well. I'm wondering if the other 3 random shipping confirmations I received were just a glitch? Two of the four shipping confirmations had the same order number. The other two confirmations didn't include an order numbers or any other information about the shipments. I'm thinking its probably just a mistake? Either way I'll follow up with what I receive. Let me know what you get too! :) xo,L

  4. I want to give Beachmint the benefit of the doubt, but my Jewelmint and Stylemint orders both shipped yesterday as well, and both are the weight of just one piece. If the golden ticket for a free piece is just a piece of paper than that makes sense, but I was definitely expecting more from this promo. Last week I received my Stylemint order that was supposed to include free beauty products, only no products were included. I talked to customer service and they said the issue is being corrected, only I have not received any tracking numbers or confirmation that the beauty products were sent. They said several orders did not contain the beauty products, not just mine. I love almost everything I get from the "mints" but these last few incidents are making me lose confidence in Beachmint, especially when it comes to these large promos.

  5. I received mine yesterday and didn't even get a promo code with it. All that was in the package was the box with the piece I purchased and the invoice. No additional slips of paper or anything. I am appalled at how JewelMint has treated this situation, with customer-service representatives acting on the facebook page as if the 10% off code someone got was her prize. And I didn't even get a 10% off code! I am hoping the company was planning to issue credits automatically to our accounts and somehow never communicated that to the JM reps on facebook. But I don't understand why the company is sitting on it over the weekend and not answering until next week. This isn't something that requires any time-consuming thought: you promised your customers at least one free piece each and now you have to follow through, or you should expect a big lawsuit. Simple as that.

  6. This was my first order, as it seemed too good to pass up; as far as I know my order hasn't even shipped yet (I also expected it to ship last Tuesday). I think I'll send an email now to see what's up and hopefully get my "Lucky Ticket" properly before it ships.

  7. I got a 10% off code with mine. Emailed customer care yesterday, so we'll see what they say.

  8. I recieved a ticket for 10%off. How is that a free gift? One can find better promo codes online! I was not happy. I called customer service and they are giving me a free credit to my account. What makes me wonder is that if they cannot return phone calls, e-mails, bill people properly, ect. how closely are they following the gift table? I sure hope someone is getting 5 free credits. I am happy with my service now. I have recieved broken jewelry, wrong orders, month late orders and now this. I feel suspicious when I place orders now. I am on the fence about this company.

  9. I received a ticket that says one free piece, but the code is Twelve Xs XXXXXXXXXXXX and it won't let me redeem it. : (


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