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Sunday, March 25, 2012

JewelMint's Natural Beauty Bracelets | April 2012 Friendship Bracelet Collection

Photo: JewelMint

JewelMint's Natural Beauty Friendship Bracelets (April 2012) have yet to be released, but should be coming soon!

I honestly can't decide which set is my favorite now; it's a close tie between these blue/green beauties and last month's Modern Love (March 2012) Friendship Bracelets.

Yep, even with the blush/plum bracelet mix-up! Let's just hope that one of this month bracelets doesn't show up neon green at our doorsteps! Although, a neon green friendship bracelet does kinda sound cute, no? :) Here's what these natural beauties are all about:

JewelMint's Natural Beauty Bracelets
Description: Our set of teal, sea green, and light blue bracelets symbolizes tranquility, growth and fertility, and healing, respectively. Each 7 ½” wax thread design includes 1” extender and link detail. Perfect for Earth Day, personalized cards make it easy to keep one and share two with your BFFs!

Click here to find them at JewelMint.com. I'll follow up as soon as their available for sale!
To view the gallery of JewelMint Friendship Bracelets - click here!

xoxo, Lily
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