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Saturday, March 24, 2012

JewelMint's Zuni Bracelet | April 2012 Collection Early Release!

Photos: JewelMint

We need a little distraction from all the drama stemming from today's Golden Ticket debacle and this early release is probably good timing - I'll be following up on that later.

As for this new release, it's JewelMint's April 2012 Zuni Bracelet as seen on Kate Bosworth and in other photos here.

I had originally thought this may be the Aqua Nights Bracelet, so there's still hope that the Aqua Nights may still be a spin-off piece of JewelMint's popular Arabian Nights Bracelet!

JewelMint's New Zuni Bracelet
Go west with a splash of color and cultural charm. Our brass oxidized plated bracelet features a unique mix of tubing, link detail, and black and white glass beads. For a bold boost of native chic, we’ve set the center casting with lush blue enamel. Slip on the 2 ½” wide stretch design when you reach a fashion fumble and declare your closet case solved!

Click here to find the Zuni Bracelet on JewelMint.com.

Regardless of all the current issues, will you be purchasing the Zuni?

xoxo, Lily
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  1. The bracelet is a blatant copy/knockoff of a Vanessa Mooney design - I wouldn't really feel proud wearing it.


  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing Aya! This design looks almost identical. I know that Kate and Cher sometimes get their inspiration from some higher-end designers. I can understand making a completely different (but similar) piece inspired by Vanessa's bracelet, but I can see how this piece may be considered too similar.


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