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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updates on Future JewelMint Pieces! Urban Tribe Necklace, Dream Weaver Earrings, Etc!

JewelMint's Urban Tribe Necklace? - Photo: JewelMint

Here's a list I've compiled highlighting future releases (both confirmed and unconfirmed) from JewelMint!

Lioness Bracelet: March "mid-month" release (confirmed)
Dream Weaver Earrings: March "mid-month" release (confirmed)
Urban Tribe Necklace: March "mid-month" release (unconfirmed)
The "Horsey" / "Pony" Bracelet: April release (confirmed)
The Gold Metal Envelope Clutch: April release (confirmed)
The "LOVE" Double Ring: Unknown release date
Covent Garden Bracelet: Unknown release date
Deco Noir Necklace: Unknown release date
Aqua Nights Bracelet: Unknown release date
Unnamed Gold Bracelet/Ring: Unknown release date

Which future pieces are you most excited about?

xoxo, Lily
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  1. After seeing the cutch in the video I'm thinking it will be Prestige Collection. Very cool that the chain is removable and wearable.

    Of what's listed here I will definitely be buying the 'pony' bracelet but the unnamed 'slave' style bracelet is really gorg. I hadn't seen that yet. Will have my eye out for it now. :)


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